Darshan - Satguru: Muruganukku paadu

By Sri Skanda's Warrior of Light

January 27, 2007

Last night I had a short dream with my beloved Murugan reinforcing what He had told me in my earlier dreams to "come and sing for Murugan."

Sample list of previous dreams where Lord Murugan came and instructed me to sing for Him:

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Recently, I had not been able to continue that sadhana — not because I didn't want to — rather, I'm always preoccupied getting all the prasadam, deepam, naivedyam, etc. ready so that puja can commence on time. Because not many people volunteer or come to temple, I frequently find myself alone doing these tasks to help the priest coduct the puja. Herein lies the problem — these tasks take 30-45 minutes to complete and by the time I have everything ready for puja, there is only 10 minutes to sing, which I feel is not enough to sing devotional hymns namely, Thevaaram and Thiruppugal for Murugan. Having familiarized you with the context of my life, the following dream will serve to illustrate how much my beloved Sri Skanda wants to hear those nectar-filled devotional hymns.

In my dream, I was in the Thiruchendur Murugan temple seated on the floor on a pyre (mat) wearing a white shirt and a veshti. My hands were in the anjali mudra and I was praying to the eluntha-aruli Murugan (the same Murugan I used to sing to when I had free time in temple). As I was praying, a two-year old boy approched me. He was bare-chested and wearing a small veshti worn brahmin-style. He looked beautiful just like my baby-girl cousin Vaishali. He says [in Tamil],"Muruganukku paadu."

I replied [in Tamil],"Naan paada aelaathu. Enda kural seriyaana sambanthamaaga irukkuthu. Ennakku microphone paadra-vendum."

[English translation: I can't sing. My voice is too soft. I need a microphone to sing.]

I said this knowing in reality that the microphones in the temple don't work because noone bothers to replace the battery!

The boy immediately runs to the back of the temple and then comes running out a minute later. He was slouched over as He walked towards me because He was carrying in His arms the weight of around 15 microphones! Some were with cords and other were wireless microphones. He drops them beside me on my left and says [in Tamil],"Ingai pala microphones irukkuthu. Oru pOrukki eduthu Muruganukku paadu."

[English translation: Here are many microphones. Select one and sing for Murugan.]

I was surprised on the persistence of this young boy, who for his age could not only speak well but also was able to carry all those microphones by himself. I also noticed the gold-chilambu adorning his ankles as he walked carrying those microphones to me. He also spoke ever so sincerely and lovingly. And as he did this, I saw his beautiful smile and fair-complexion.

So there I was, seated in front of the eluntha-aruli Murugan statue with 15+ microphones beside me and with this beautiful child standing beside me waiting for me to choose a microphone to sing. It was then when I awoke.

I'm so sorry Murugaa for not singing for you all these days. I know I was preoccupied with helping get all the items for puja, but I never thought that the Thevaaram and Thiruppugal songs I sang for you were actually heard by you and accepted by you (namely because I am the only one who sings. No other devotee joins and sings with me. They only listen - though I'd wish they'd sing too). I am so sorry that my negligence of my duty to sing to you had made you come in my dream and carry all those heavy microphones in your ever tender loving arms. Ennai mannichu-vidungO Murugaa! Please forgive me my Lord. I will do my best to continue the sadhana of singing for you — which I love doing as a service to you. I only hope and pray that other devotees will come to the temple to help with the puja preparations so that I may be spared some time to do this service that my beloved Murugan has asked so many times — too many times than He should have! His first request should have been sufficient! Please forgive me my Lord.


Darshan - Satguru: Muruganukku paadu (continued...)

February 11, 2007

As Sivaraathri was only 4 days away, I was wondering if I should go to the Murugan temple to sing for my Lord — who is none other than Siva Himself.

Last night, I was graced by the same beautiful child I dreamt on Jan 27 (read above experience). Before I saw Him, I noticed a yogi seated in a padmasana-pose (lotus position) heavily involved in meditation. I sat before the yogi, glancing at him with awe. It was then when a small child (the same one I dreamt on January 27, 2007) came and sat in the lap of the yogi. The yogi remained absorbed in his meditation in spite of the child who seated himself on the yogi as if the yogi belonged to the child — like a child sits in the lap of a mother or father without the slightest hesitation. As the child (?Murugan) sat in front of me and I began to sing Saint Nakeerar's Thirumurugaatrupadai,"Unnai oliya oru-varayum nambukilane...pinnai oru-varayaarum pinchellane...panniru-kai kollappa vaanOr kodiyae vinai theertharulum vEl-appaa senthilvaalvae! vEl-appaa senthilvaalvae!"

[English Translation: "You and only you — my Lord — will I believe in and place my trust in. In no-other shall I follow behind. O Lord with the twelve hands, holding the victorious Flag and Vel. O Lord of the Vel."]

As I was singing this with my hands held in the anjali mudra and facing this beautiful child who was seated before me, He smiled back at me and swayed His body from side to side. I knew He was happy to hear me sing!

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