Festivals - Skanda Sashti: Rainbow blessings

By Sri Skanda's Warrior of Light

November 10, 2002

Today marked the sixth day of Kanthar Sashti — one of the most auspicious time of the year to invoke our beloved Bhagavan Sri Skanda. Since the festival started, normally people observe abstinence from material pleasures in the name of Murugan. Unfortunately, I was unable to fast as I needed to eat in order to study for my medical school exams, which took place during this time. Instead I did my utmost to fast my other senses. For example, I tried my best not to listen to anyone gossip, see any bad things, think any undivine thoughts. Also, it came upon me that I should do something that Murugan would like. So, immediately an answer came from within and it was decided from the first day that I would sing three Thiruppugal songs to God Murugan each day. And this is what I did. Come the sixth day (today), with tears in my eyes I begged,"Muruga, Skanda, Subramaniya! Please...I beg at your feet that you accept the prayers that I have offered in the form of the Thiruppugal songs. I know I probably didn't do anything as great as your other devotees around the world who are carrying kavadiis, observing strict six-day fasts without food, etc. Nevertheless, I hope you accept these prayer songs which I try my best to sing with all the love in my heart."

As I finished aarathi by singing the Thiruppugal song,"naatha vinthu kaalaathee namo namah..." I went to get ready to go to the anatomy lab to study for my big anatomy exam tomorrow. My eyes for some reason were drawn outside to the lagoon as the sun started to rise. In the sky, my beloved Skanda showed His presence and blessings to me in the form of a vision of a beautiful rainbow. I cried knowing He heard my prayers and instantly responded with a vision that I could comprehend. Thank you for accepting the Thiruppugal songs my Lord. When I finished noting this event in my electronic diary, I peered again outside and the rainbow had vanished.

Later that afternoon, after I came back from studying at the anatomy lab to have my lunch. As I ate, I played Kanthar Sashti Kavasam and sang along thinking of the glory of God Skanda. After I had my lunch, I became tired and fell asleep for half-an hour.

I then awoke to continue my studying and for a MOMENT just thought,"Wasn't that very nice of Murugan to bestow His blessings today?" Immediately, I heard lots of raindrops fall. I ran and peered outside my balcony to see the tremendously heavy rain. Spanning across the sky was ANOTHER rainbow, much larger than the one I saw in the morning! It was so nice. This time, I did not close my eyes but instead stared at the rainbow and said Sri Skanda's Mantra six-times. As I completed the sixth repetition, the rainbow vanished and the rain abruptly stopped! I said out loud,"Oh Muruga. How much you are blessing today. This is all a game to you isn't it? My utmost thanks from the very depths of my heart."


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