Bakthi - Thirumurai: Sing some Thevaaram hymns

By Sri Skanda's Warrior of Light

October 26, 2002

Yesterday, as I slept I had a vision of my uncle, whose form Lord Skanda sometimes uses to deliver messages to me. I recall running into the bathroom to take a shower and then waiting patiently for Him (Murugan?) at the base of the stairwell of a house that I found myself in. Murugan (in the form of my uncle, wearing vibhuthi streaks on His forehead, bare-chested, and wearing a veshti — white coloured) descended down the stairs and raised His right-hand in blessing. On His left side was a woman who was accompanying Him as He came down the stairs. I don't recall who that lady was (Devayanai?) nor did I pay any attention to her.

As Murugan? came down the stairs, I instinctively and immediately clasped my hands together and bowed my head in humility. As I raised my head, Murugan took a rudraksha-maalai from His neck and put it around my neck. The necklace was the very same one that I always use to do japam of Murugan's sacred mantra. In fact I always wear it around my neck (after I take a shower) as a talisman to protect and remind myself that His blessings are always with me throughout the day. I only take the maalai off during the night.

I then followed Him to an altar. It had pictures of different deities but I don't recall of who as I did not pay any attention to them either. My full attention was to Murugan. He then spoke to me about the importance of Thevaaram and how they are a means to please and attain God Siva. The details of which I cannot recall. However, I do remember that I would occassionally hear someone singing a Thevaaram hymn and soon thereafter, He would expound the meaning to me and how it describes the attributes of God Siva. This went on for a long time, after which Murugan said, "Let us go to the temple."

When I went to the temple, Murugan changed His form from my uncle (Periyamama) to my other uncle (Sri Skanda Rajah). I noticed that there was a beautiful vigraham of Sri Skanda at the mulasthaanam (main altar). As we sat, ready to start singing, I noticed a few priests just standing in front of the altar not doing their duty. Instead they were just gossiping and laughing.

Murugan then spoke the following words very firmly to me:

"Do you think Murugan likes to hear this gossip? You sing some Thevaaram hymns."

I did as I was told and began singing thevaaram hymns — unfortunately I can't recall the names of those hymns I first sang — however, I do remember the last song that I sang because I felt like I was actually there in my astral body of that sacred temple. The song that came from the lips of my mouth was:

paalukkup paalagan vEndi aludhidap
  paaTkadal eendha piraan
maalukkuch sakkaram anRuruL seydhavan
  manniya thillai thannuL
aalikkum andhaNar vaalginRa thillaich
  siTRam balamE yidamaagap
paaliththu nattam payilaval laanukkE
  pallaandu kooRudhumE.

I then awoke abruptly by my alarm clock at 7:45 am.


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