Education - Medicine: Come and sing for Murugan

By Sri Skanda's Warrior of Light

June 2004

Last night, I had another one of those interesting dreams, which I always enjoy from my dear Lord Murugan. During this month, I was deeply involved in studying for my forthcoming medical licensing exam (USMLE Step 1) and made a vow to Lord Murugan to come every Friday at our local Murugan temple to worship Him through devotional singing of Thevaaram, Thiruppugal, and Kanthar Anubhuthi songs; in return that He blesses me to do well on my medical exam.

However, as it turned out, on Fridays the puja tends to proceed much longer than usual and so my mother suggested that I come on every Tuesday instead so that I may use the extra time for my board exam preparation. So, I reluctantly heeded to my mother's advice and was set on coming on Tuesday instead. So, I missed my vow by not going to the temple on Friday.

When my mother came back from the temple (on Friday — as I did not go), she told me that other people came and sang a few bhajans and the puja went as usual. However, Lord Murugan came and told me what He had wanted.

In last night's dream, I was studying in my room and suddenly the phone rang. I answered the phone and I immediately recognized the person's voice. It was the temple priest, whom I always respect and try to visualize the divinity of Lord Murugan by prostrating at His feet each time the priest blesses me with vibhuthi. The priest (Murugan?) spoke stating, "How come you didn't come on Friday?"

I responded, "Aiya, I would like to come but I need to study for my exam. I'll continue to come but on Tuesdays instead."

"You come on Friday and sing for Lord Murugan. There is no one to sing for God. Come and sing." insisted the priest.

"But Aiya..." I tried to explain.

"Come and sing for Murugan." These were the last words I recall spoken by the Aiya and our brief conversation, thus, concluded and I awoke from my dream.

Realizing the mistake I had made by not adhering to my vow, I apologized and explained the dream to my mother who, too, understood it to be a message from Lord Murugan. So, that week, on Friday, I went to the Murugan temple and happily sang for my Lord realizing in my heart, His presence in the temple and the fact that He loves to hear the wonderful Tamil divine works of Thevaaram, Thiruppugal, and Kanthar Anubhuthi.


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