Feedback from Bhagavan Sri Skanda's devotees

Sreejith writes:
OM. I just got here when I was searching for Rudram. I am privileged to get this pdf. It is a great site and great work being done at skandagurunatha. Please continue the divine work.

Aravind writes:

Rajamanikandan writes:
This website helped me realise what I am going thru is real. I, too, have some good experiences with Sri Skanda in the recent days. I am very glad to know Skanda is showing His blessing to all of us. I am sure it is Murugan who has guided me to this webpage.

Vidya writes:
Vanakkam, Thank you for this nice website with information on Skandha. I have grown up listening to thiruppugazh all my life. Our Guruji Sri R Venkataraman taught me most of the songs I know even though I never sat in his classes. This is because I was one of the kids playing while my parents were singing the bhajans. I noticed you have recordings of Guruji Raghavan. Sincerely Vidya.

Naresh Kumar writes:
Namaskar. I like the website, it's informative.

Sundar writes:
Respected Sir. I'm from Chennai. I have utilized couple of your works [from the website] and am using them during my daily prayers. I'm really thankful to you. I want to do some service to your website. Is it possible to donate some money for your website. If so request you to send me account details. I understand you guys are not commercial but please do not refuse. Thanks.

Ambiga writes:
Really I am wondering and surprised about Lord Murugan's blessing to devotees, poojas, poems, saints, etc. Oh my God! How these have been able to be collected and provided for other devotees to use of it to get blessings of Lord Muruga!! Great work!! I'm speechless. And today in Karthigai really it had happened....I was searching something and got this site to be visited and was able to read many things which is really divine. There is no extra words to define my experience I had when I read all. I was not aware of full pooja method but still I used to have the habit of chanting, "Muruga. Muruga." most of the time. I think always of Murugan as Father and that He would take care of me. I really thank the Lord on giving me the opportunity to read all these...all...all...Muruga saranam!

Sridhar writes:
Great work. Appreciate your effort and the content put in the website.

Shanthi writes:
Hi, I am blessed to visit your site. I am very happy to know about a Murugan devotee like you as I am also his Bhakthai. All your services are very good - especially the pooja manual. I need Lord Muruga's blessing to start the proper pooja like this. Thanks much.

S. Haribabu writes:
I was wonderstruck with the website contents with Arunagirinathar. I was happy to see the meaning of 54th poem of Kanthar Anthathi.

Thiruppathy writes:
Really great work! Thank you very much!

Mariswaran Selvarajan writes:
I thank you for maintaining abundant information of my beloved God Murugan. I appreciate your good work.

Reno K Subramaniam writes:
Your contribution to Hinduism and Vedic Tradition is so touching. You & your team stand as an example. Neengal Ellarum Ella valangalum pettru peranandha vazhvu vaazha iraivanai vendi vanangugirean. Mikka Nandri.

Sarah Lane writes:
Thank you for posting excerpts from this book and thank you for the TFTD. In light.

A.K. Srikantan writes:
Very very fine.

Selvaraj V Maruthai Muthuraja writes:
Thank you very much for this great service to humanity. Finally found the text of Thiru Vagguppu after searching for a long time. Lord Skanda bless you in this great enterprise.

Murali writes:
Fantastic site. Keep doing a good job. A lot devotees that are eager to perform thevaram will benefit from this site. Thanks.

Kalaivani writes:
Vanakam. Hi, after visiting this site day-by-day I'm getting the biggest pleasure that Lord Subramaniya is watching me and talking with me through other people. Feeling so blessed. This is a wonderful site. I'm so impressed while reading all the divine experiences given by our Lord Subramaniyar.

S. Chitra writes:
Dear sir, I am much pleased to see the experiences column of your website. Just 6 months back only I was introduced to your site (by Muruga?). I was excited how Lord Muruga made arputhangal blessings in your life because of your deep devotion to Him.

Malolan writes:
Sir, I was going through your website which has LOTS of unknown truths, happy to get those details from your site.

S. Palanisamy writes:
Dear Sir, This is fantastic, everyone should know about Thirumurai. I want to know more about in detail the meaning of the pathigams and its history.

Veeraragavan writes:
Very nice dedication in designing and delivering this for the devotees. May God bless you. Thanks.

Kumaran writes:
Today only I came across your experiences with Muruga. In particular, I read the experience on How Murugan helped (a devotee) in finding a life partner. It was very nice experience to read. Thank you.

Mahendiran writes:
I like this site.

Suresh Panneerselvam writes:
Very good site and collection of prayers and information.

Sivasankari writes:
Really great, too, rarely get some experiences...(if any) recent experiences please upload all.

Shanmugasundaram writes:
Arumai, varnikka vaarthagale illai. Murugakkadavul pugal paadum neengalum ungalai charntha anaivarum seerodum sirappodum vaalga vaalga pallandu pallandu pallayirathaandu. Endrum endrendum nalamudan vaala vaalthugiren.

Janaki Iyer writes:
Fantastic site and collection of prayers and information.

Sivam writes:
This is a fantastic site. I really enjoy & hope every person who surfs the webpage benefits tremendously.

Rob Miller writes:
I enjoyed your site.

Bhattathiri writes:
Divine website. Indian Vedic contribution is a reservoir of vibrant information and harmonious creativity. May the womb of nature embrace all with tranquil blessings from this day forward. Let this (website) attract one's attention affecting them positively. It is a Sanctuary of the Self - a creative venue which serves as an enduring expression of Light, where a peaceful atmosphere with sunlight flows and serene atmosphere prevails. In the storm of life we struggle through myriads of stimuli of pressure, stress, and multi problems that seek for a solution and answer. We are so suppressed by the routine of this every (day) life style that most of us seem helpless. However, if we look closely to ancient techniques we shall discover the magnificent way to understand and realize the ones around us and mostly ourselves. If only we could stop for a moment and allow this to happen. May all beings be happy (LokaSamastha Sukhino Bhavanthu).

U. Kumar writes:
Vanakkam, I am very much pleased to hear the experiences and the devotion of bhaktas here. I, too, had vowed and prayed to Lord Muruga many times, but nothing happened. It is due to my karma, nothing else. I am pleased that He is benevolent to majority of people here. I would like to know whether you know of any resources on how to do a pancha upachara puja for Lord Shiva. I am searching many places and priests, most do not want to teach as I am non-brahmin. So any suggestions? Thank you.

Webmaster's Reply:

Dear Bakthar U. Kumar:

Thank you for your email. I am glad you are finding the website useful for your sadhana. I am sorry to hear about your experiences with the priests - it is actually nothing new - as you may have already read about another devotee's experience, wherein the same type of unfriendly encounter you had was experienced. It's pretty sad that these priests, though so educated fail to do their duty - to teach the masses and direct their minds towards God - yet they have the title 'gurukurral' after their name?! Despair not, if you truly want to perform the puja, your desire/bakthi and God's will & blessings will allow you to learn it.

Pancha = 5; Upachara = services

Hence, pancha upachara puja means offering of 5 services to the Lord. Traditionally, the 5 services are as follows:

1. pushpam (offering of flowers)
2. dupam (offering of incense)
3. deepam (offering of ghee lamp)
4. naivedyam (offering of prasadam/food)
5. karpura nirajanam (offering of camphor/arathi)

You may chant 'Aum Namah Sivaaya' then 'pushpam...samarpayami' - "Aum Namah Sivaaya...dupam...samarpayami' etc. after each of the 5 services listed above.

Or alternatively, if you know Tamil, you can chant a thevaaram, thiruvasaagam, etc. hymn then follow it with 'pushpam samarpayami'...then sing another hymn...follow it with 'dupam samarpayami', etc.

That in short is a simple pancha upachara puja. If you want you may find additional materials on the link: and modify the puja to suit it for the deity of your choice - in this case, Lord Siva.

Prior to starting I would make one suggestion, ask Lord Siva to bless you to do this puja for Him - because with His will one can accomplish anything. And if you aren't already, consider being a vegetarian.

All the best on your puja and may the Lord (continue to) shower His grace and light on you.

With Bhagavan Sri Skanda's love, light, and blessings,
Skandagurunatha Webmaster

Jayanti writes:
My humble namaskar! I visit your website many times in a day. I don't speak, read or know Tamil. I have recently started worshipping Lord Skanda. I have read Ms Hilda Charlton's book on Saints. Also, reading the experiences of Lord Murugan made me aware of the aspects of spirituality like true bhakti, dedication & intense faith that bind the soul to the Supreme. I read & re-read the experiences as it gives me hope that Lord Murugan is very much a true active divine force who sends His grace & light to His devotees. Thank you for sharing the beautiful experiences of Lord Murugan. I felt extremely happy to read them, my heart felt a little less burdened. The experiences are an inspiration to people not only like myself but to all spiritual aspirants by bringing hope that is missing in most people these days.

Karthik writes:
Awesome! Very divine. A real need.

Aiyar Narasimhan writes:
Excellent site. Keep it up.

R.R. Vignesh writes:
Thanks very much sir. Your works are very fantastic. Ungal irai savai palandu thodara valthukal. "kanthan undu kavalai - illai kugan undu kurai illai - velan undu payam illai."

Vignesh writes:
Very super Sir - very useful for my generations.

Esakiappan P writes:
Very useful services rendered by you. The Great Almighty will help and wish you well always.

Dharma writes:
It's so beautiful this website. Please keep it up to service all devotees.

Raghavan Raman writes:
My regards to Dr. Pranav. I wish to thank the Doctor for his pooja manual creation. I am doing pooja using that manual everyday. My favorite God is Lalitha Tripura Sundari. I worship God in the form of mother which is very close to my heart. I adore Lord Muruga very much, too, and I wanted to worship Him daily but I did not have any books. There was nothing I could refer to. Coincidentially, I met a lady who is a great bhakta of Ambal. She told me that Ambal is there at your home but she wants me to worship Lord Muruga. So I understood that this is a message from God(dess Lalitha) that it is high time and I need to worship Lord Muruga. Searching through Google, I found out this site. Surprisingly for me, I found out the puja vidhana manual from this site. I wrote everything in Tamil in my diary and now making use of this. Everyday I do Puja for Lord Muruga with his blessings. This I consider as a miracle to have found out the puja manual from the Internet. All these happened one after the other. Going through doctor's personal experience that I read from this site, it looks pretty similar for me, too, that I worship Goddess Raja Rajeshwari and Lord Muruga together. I sincerely thank the doctor for his invaluable help. "Entharo Mahanu Bavulu...anthariki vandhanamu", I understand the meaning of this line now. I thank the doctor once again. With best regards.

Webmaster's Reply:

Dear Bakthar Raghavan Raman:

Thank you for your email. I am delighted to hear of your experiences and have found the puja manual helpful to you in your sadhana. It was an honor and privilege to make it for our SatGuru Bhagavan Sri Skanda and His devotees. I hope it continues to benefit devotees such as yourself and many more around the world. Please feel free to share your experiences. It would be very inspiring to bakthars around the world.

With Bhagavan Sri Skanda's love, light, and blessings,

Skandagurunatha Webmaster

Shanda writes:
I just wanted to let you know that this site has been an inspiration to me since I found it. I was not born Hindu and have no Hindus in my area, but I was attracted to Lord Murugan since 2001 and hope to do pilgrimage someday for Him. Also, I'm glad you put the Kanthar Anubhuthi on the site since I couldn't find a version that explained it so thoroughly anywhere else. Also, thank you for singing it and you sing it so clearly that it is easy to be able to learn the pronunciation. It really is such a beautiful poem for Lord Muruga. Thank you for your website and the hard work and love you put into it.

I also wanted to let you know that I learned a Thiruppugal song by heart,"Ethirilatha Bakthi Thaani Mevi" and sing others from reading them, all from your website. They bring warmth into my heart and I wish you all the blessings from Lord Murugan. Thank you very much for everything your site offers to people who are wanting to know more about Lord Murugan.

Mythili Srinivasan writes:
Sir, my heart-felt thanks to you for publishing the detailed translation of 'Kanthar Anubhuthi.' I would like to tell you one thing regarding my experience with your site - I have been vigorously searching the Internet for the past three days, on Kanthar Anubhuthi but didn't find any site which gives an elaborate translation of this great work. Today, I logged on to your site as soon as I hit Google!!! I guess your site is so pleasing to Lord Murugan, that He first 'tests' the honesty and intensity of a devotee's search, before directing them to this website of yours!! Thanks a lot for your contribution to mankind.

Prakash writes:
I was wondering when I will be able to get the Sashti Kavasam sung by Soolamangalam Sisters? But you have provided it online - that too, free. I am thankful to you very very much. I am visiting this site for the first time and they say your first impression is the best. Just having that song for free is a boon to all devotees of Lord Muruga. I, again, thank you from my heart.

V. Arunachalam writes:
Thank you very much for your work and service. This is really an excellent page. Regards, Arun

Aravindan writes:
I chanced upon your wonderful webpage on Sri Skanda Guru. I'm a student in Germany [from Chennai, only recently I came here]. Your writings have taken me back home and I say to myself, that this person must be such a realised soul to be in commune with God Himself...Your divine visions of Ambaa and Skanda moved me to tears...I have always wanted to visit the holy shrine of Pongi Amma! But She has me waiting...and then I discovered your website in which you have also talked about Pongi and Vallimalai Swamigal. Thank you!

Ravishankar writes:
Namaskaram, I visited your site and am elated to see the contents.

Anandha Kumar writes:
Thanks for the great website about Lord Murugan.

Rishu Sharma writes:
I had gone on your website and really like all the informative info. You have done a great job on the website - it shows all the hard work you put into it. Keep up the great work.

Murthy writes:
I found information about Sri. NVK's book from your website, had it purchased and brought from India and presently studying it carefully. Kodi namaskarams to you for your website full of love and information.

Suryadasi Devi writes:
Pranaams my divine brothers and sisters...deep deep gratitude to everyone who makes the blessings of these daily emails available to us all! The truth is, in my morning rush to get the day started, somehow I never bothered to click on the links on 'About TFTD.' That is, till tonight! It was purely by (divine) "accident"...all the beautiful articles and stories...absolutely amazing! Thank you a million times! What a beautiful gift you are giving to humanity! Vetri Vel Muruga Arohara!

Aum Namah Sivaya! Thank you so much for the beautiful thoughts for the day! Gratitude! Gratitude! Gratitude! Aum Namah Sivaya!

P.R. Ramachander writes:
Dear Sir, I was so happy to see my translation of Skanda Guru Kavasam in your great web site. By His blessings, I would be in Batu Caves this Thai Poosam. May God bless you!

Dandapani writes:
Namaskaram, Nice to hear from you. I've looked at your website and you've done a wonderful job with it. Congratulations. Nice to see such love for Muruga.

Surekka writes:
I have been singing Skanda Shasti Kavasam and Skanda Guru Kavasam from age 5. I just love Lord Murugan. I have no words to describe Him as my Lord - He is my life, He is everything to me. He is my friend - I used to speak with Him like any other friend, whenever I am upset, and also speak to Him whenever I am so happy. Thanks for the songs given in this site.

M. Sashikala writes:
Hello there!!! I would like to thank your team very much for the skandha songs!!! I have been looking for these songs for very long time. Keep up this good service!

Seetha writes:
Hello Sir/Madam, The site is really good with the information and photos. By viewing the Aarupadai veedu, I really had the feeling as if I had visited the holy places. Best wishes for such a wonderful site.

Rishikesan Kamaleswaran writes:
Hi there, I was very pleased to come across your website today. I was able to find amazing resources there. I was somewhat disappointed to see that some audio links in the Siva section were not working. I was wondering if there is any way for them to be fixed? I really appreciate all the effort by you guys!

Webmaster's Reply:

Dear Murugan Bhakta Kamaleswaran:

Thank you for your email. The links are being corrected. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Enjoy the website. It was made as a labour of love for all Murugan Bhakatas (devotees) such as yourself.

With Sri Skanda's love, light, and blessings,
Skandagurunatha Webmaster

Maravanpulavu Sachithananthan writes:
Vanakkam! You are doing a great service.

C.balasubramaniam writes:
Om Saravanabava Om! I have no words to tell about this site...really I am searching the blessings of my Lord Murugappan (His history, etc.)...I am grateful to find this website & get knowledge of Lord Murugan. Thanks.

Swami Venkataraman writes:
I just saw your website dedicated to Lord Muruga. It had a lot of useful information. Thanks for taking time to do this & creating this wonderful website.

abhis_lovingmother writes:
Thank you for such a wonderful website. Your satsang section is wonderful, I have to yet explore the remainder of your website but I must tell you one reading your graceful experiences, you have rekindled the blissful feeling of divine within me — many many thanks. I just do not have words enough to explain what I am experiencing but I definitely wish that you may have these wonderful moments/experiences forever.

Yuvaneswaran writes:
Hi, can you include Kartikkeya (Subrahmanya) Bhujangam by Sri Adi Sankara in your website? The site is wonderful, wonderful — its really wonderful.

Webmaster's Reply:

Dear Murugan Bhakta Yuvaneswaran:

Thank you for your words of encouragement and input. Please see 'Works' -> 'Stothras'.

With Sri Skanda's love, light, and blessings,
Skandagurunatha Webmaster

Kavitha writes:
May Lord Muruga bless you guys. The website is amazing. Please continue your efforts.

Bhakkiam Ramasami writes:
Respected sir, visited your site. This will inspire in every devotee the divine images of all the lords and saints who are there for all and for everyone's worship. Excellent service.

Gopal writes:
Nice work! God bless you people.

Ramasamy writes:
Hello, I came across your beautiful web site using google search. I was very impressed by the Kanthar Anubhuthi and the commentary. I would like to post every verse and it's translation in a mailing list dedicated to Sri Murugan (Dhandapani). I seek your permission to do that. I will also add the link to your web site in every post. Regards.

Webmaster's Reply:

Dear Murugan Bhakta Ramasamy:

Thank you for your comments and for seeking permission. You have Bhagavan Sri Skanda's permission to spread this wonderful sacred work (Kanthar Anubhuthi) by Arunagirinathar for use by all Murugan Bhaktas on your mailing list. With Sri Murugan's grace, may they all learn this work and experience how powerful this work is in bringing out anubhuthi (direct god-experience). This is my own personal conviction and experience.

With Sri Skanda's love, light, and blessings,
Skandagurunatha Webmaster

Jyothi writes:
Jai Murugan! Thank you for your lovely site!
Om Santi

Kishore Balakrishnan writes:
Greetings, Nice Site!

Patrick Harrigan writes:
Dear fellow Muruga bhaktars,

Congratulations on the good start towards building a website dedicated to Lord Murugan. Very nice technical skill in designing and laying out pages with attractive graphics! Your site will be very much appreciated by bhaktars all around the world.

Wishing you all the best,
Yours in service

Maniyam writes:
Vetri Vel Muruganukku Ah-roh Haraa! Thank you for producing a very interesting Lord Murugan site. Pls visit my humble site too (! Best Wishes.

Tharani writes:
I've just quickly browsed this site, and I'm quite impressed. Congratulations to all those who worked on this site— it has truly captured the essence of Tamil Hinduism. I came to this site in search of a more elaborate answer to the question of how Hindus interpreted fate, but I leave having learned answers to many more questions. I saw the changes made to the website and enjoyed reading the newly added materials.

As for things I would like to see on the site...I think it would be nice if you had a page explaining the reasons behind some of the customs. ie. why we break the coconut, why we put on veputi, and sandhana poddu, and/or why temples have kobrams (I'm using Tamil words here, and I'm assuming you know Tamil, if not my apologies cause I don't know the correct English terms for these). There are tons of customs in hinduism, particularly Tamil hinduism, and many people, including myself, are very interested in knowing all the reasons behind them.

Also, with respect to the question of fate and hinduism, I still don't think I understand the position Hindus take. I, myself, always interpreted fate to mean that a lot of things like your birth, death, the people you meet, and the professions you seek are predetermined, and that God knows what'll happen to us.

Of course, you're by no means obliged to answer my question, but if you are able to, that would probably help me solve one of life's puzzles--but then again, there's no pressure :)

I also wanted to tell you that I told some of my friends (both Hindus and nonhindus) about your site, and you'll be happy to know that they all loved the site. My Hindu friends (who are not extremely religious) said that it peaked their interest into the religion and clarified some things for them. The non-Hindus said that it helped them better understand the religion, and why my family is veggie, and why we have so many Gods. All in all, I just wanted to congratulate you on performing a great service in educating the public.

Anyways, I hope that my suggestion is somewhat helpful, but I must add that the site is already quite remarkable and doesn't need that much improvement. Also, thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings. I look forward to all that that awaits this site in the future. Till then take care.

Webmaster's Reply:

The answers to most of your questions can be found on the 'Why' page. Thank you for your kind words and suggestions.

Ramani Vimaleswaran writes:
Hi! I would just like to thank-you for taking the time and creating this website. I really enjoy reading all the material in it. The more I read, the more I learn. I always wanted to learn about Hinduism. Thanks to you, you have made it possible. It's people like you who makes the world a better place to live. Thank-you again. You've done a marvelous job!!!! Oh, I just love reading the Skanda book you told me about. Please recommend it to other people as well. If you can, can you please put the english version of Kanthar Sashti Kavasam. I love your website!

Kala MohanrajNayagam writes:
Vannakam! I am truly pleased that I found your website on my Murugan especially the satsang stories. I am from Singapore but presently in UK doing my postgraduate studies. Thank you.

Jegani Siv writes:
Hi! I hope your summer is going well and is somewhat fruitful. I checked out the skanda website and it is simply astonishing. I ordered the book though the school bookstore, and I am still waiting, rather eagerly. Well, take care.

Charles Udey writes:
Dear Sir, I am registered to receive the e-mail "Thought of the Day", which I have been receiving for some time and enjoy immensely. Thank you.

Sathia Rani Vijayarengam writes:
Thank you for all the inspiring messages you send everyday. It is an important part of my life. I send them to a sister and 3 brothers everyday. Once again, I wish to thank you for the wonderful work you are doing. God bless you and yours!

Arun Sugavanam writes:
Sir/Madam: I am so delighted at your site! Thanking you.

Doris Patino writes:
Hello everybody! Beautiful site! To each and every one that took part in the creation of this wonderful web site, from my heart, thanks! All of you must be proud of the beautiful and inspiring work. Great job!!! Thanks again for all the effort and great work you are doing. I have enjoyed the beautiful pictures, the great information and also the Satsang page. I am really impresed by the wonderful work you are doing. Thanks, from the bottom of my heart. I really have found answers to my prayers. Now I know where to go for info. I always receive a great deal of strong energy as soon as I read the first lines of Sri Skanda's Mantra. May Lord Skanda reward your long hours of hard work, efforts, and bless you as He always does, very generously!!! Sincerely with love and gratitude.

May I express my sincere gratitude to you and everyone involved in this website. For me, it is a moment of comfort to read the message of the day (TFTD) and to feel the presence of our General so very close whispering those words of wisdom and giving us the strength to stand up and march forward - regardless of the enemy's strength. Great Job!!!! May the Lord guide you all and protect you at every step on your journey. In Lord Skanda's Love.

I really appreciate the "return" of the Lord's messages. May His Love continue blessing your work. With great admiration.