Education - Medicine: Know I am with you

By Sri Skanda's Warrior of Light

September 30, 2003

Today, I was not feeling my usual self. For some strange reason, my mind was wandering and I could not stay focussed. I soon became filled with sadness and loneliness as I did not have any one to talk to or true friends to rely on as most people usually use me and then leave me when they find that they cannot gain anything more from me.

The way I felt was like being in a house with no-one else in it but me. Furthermore, there aren't any furniture or objects in the house, it is completely empty. This is how I felt deep inside, I don't know why, but I just did.

I subscribed to Thought For The Day from the website and received a special message from Sri Skanda that concisely said,"Know I am with you." I was surprised in reading this message as I felt that it was very relevant to my circumstance and how I was feeling. Thus, throughout the day whenever I would feel lonely, I would remember these words and also sing some Murugan songs by Saint Arunagirinathar.

That night, for dinner, I offered a portion of my dinner (see picture above) to Murugan and sang a Thiruppugal song while I mentally visualized Him coming in His astral form to accept this simple meal. After singing, I prostrated and ate my dinner. I studied for my pharmacology exam that was upcoming in two days and then went to sleep.

That night I had the following short but uplifting dream...I dreamt that I was in my apartment however, there was no-one nor was there any furniture present (just like how I described the emptiness within myself!). It was completely empty and only filled with complete silence. However, when I went into one of the empty rooms, I noticed something on the floor. I saw the framed picture of Sri Skanda that I keep at my altar leaning against the white wall of the room on the floor [see picture of Sri Skanda on right]. I then awoke.

October 1, 2003

I pondered over the meaning of this dream and found myself in tears as I realized how Sri Skanda knew my inner feeling of emptiness. He showed me how He fully understood how I was feeling inside. If you recall, I said earlier that I felt like being in an empty home with no-one present not even furniture. This was depicted in my dream. However, the beloved picture I have of Sri Skanda was present in my dream which was His way of reassuring me that even though I felt so alone and empty, His presence will always be there within me. True to His words Sri Skanda was telling me,"Know I am with you."


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