Festivals - Thiru-karthigai: Lunch with Murugan (thyrr chaatham)

By Sri Skanda's Warrior of Light

June 26, 2003

Yesterday, was Thiru-Karthigai, an auspicious day for Lord Murugan. My mother went to the temple and phoned me yesterday to tell me all about the festival that went on in the temple. I had no idea of that it was Thiru-Karthigai and when my mother told me,"Today was Karthigai and so I went to the temple." I immediately hit my head with my hand, because I was absorbed with my own selfish interests and thus, had forgotten this auspicious day for Lord Skanda. After that I went to sleep and that night. To my surprise, I had a fabulous and unexpected lunch with Sri Skanda!

I was back in my house. My father, mother, and I were awaiting the arrival of a special guest. There was food prepared especially for this guest, Thyrr Chaatham (yogurt rice). Then, Lord Skanda (in the form of my uncle) entered our house. Normally, my uncle never visits us. In fact, He has never visited our house in over 5 years! Furthermore, He was wearing a white veshti, bare chested, and had vibhuthi on His chest. He then sat on a chair or sofa (I can't recall vividly). He sat in a half-padmasana (lotus-position) pose, just like the way Sri Narayani Amma sits. I then offered a plate of Thyrr chaatham to Him and He accepted and started to eat. As He was eating, I was seated on the floor, hence, He was seated at a higher level just like a SatGuru sits with respect to a Shishya (Disciple). I was very pleased to see Him eat and He then said,"Sing for me, 'Saranagama laalaiyathai...'" So, I immediately sang this song, while Lord Murugan ate the Thyrr chaatham. After I finished singing the Arunagirinathar's Thiruppugal song, Lord Skanda completed the lunch and disapearred and I then awoke.

In spite of the fact that I had forgotten about Lord Skanda's sacred festival, out of His compassion and kindness Murugan still blesses His child. What more can I say about the incredible Love of my Mother and Father-God - Bhagavan Sri Skanda. Thank you so much from the very depths of my heart for your never-ending blessings and grace!

Your child.


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