Education - Medicine: Murugan visits me in California

By Sri Skanda's Warrior of Light

October 14, 2005

Last night, before I went to bed, I said a prayer in light of the difficulties I was having in my life. I prayed:

"Dear Muruga,

I know you already know about the difficulties going on in my life. However, I also know that you had blessed the career path that I have taken long before I even ventured on it. You always stand beside me and help me do well on all my exams and with life's problems — constantly sending your blessings to your child. I have never doubted you then and I will not doubt you now.

In difficult times like now, I am also reminded of that dream I had with your brother Sri Ganesha.

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In that dream, obstacles kept coming my way but He removed each and every one of them.

I am not sure what my future beholds, only you know that. But I will not worry anymore. I will continue to reassure my mind that you will take care of me.

Pranams at your beloved lotus feet."

With that prayer I retired for the night. That night, I had a delightful experience with my beloved Lord Muruga. I was in my apartment in Bakersfield, California, where I am currently staying as a student. In the apartment were my family members, uncles, aunts, and cousins. I don't know how or why they came to see me but they were present.

Then it appeared that someone was knocking on the door. One of my aunts went to answer it (Pathma). When she opened the door, there was no-one there, so she closed it exclaiming, "Who is this that is playing this prank? I am not amused."

Then again, a knock was heard from the front door. My aunt said,"[my name], you go open the door. I'm not going again."

As I proceeded to go to open the front door, I noted a little crevice at the bottom of the door through which sunlight was entering my apartment. This defect was there when I moved in and I really never got it fixed. As I lay down on the ground from inside my apartment, I peeked below the crevice. I saw two pink-colored feet adorned with golden anklets and a gold metal-like object in between the two feet. I wondered who this could be. I opened the door.

To my surprise and delight, it was Bhagavan Sri Skanda in all His glory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He appeared in His youthful form (Muruga). He had dark wavy black shoulder-length hair; a golden crown adorned with jewels resting ever-so-perfectly on His head; beautiful glittering jewelry adorning His ears, and chest - they sparkled so brightly it was as if I was peering into the morning sun. Through the bright white radiance that embodied His form was His beautiful, beautiful, beautiful face that is beyond the description of words. On that amazing face was a glistening pearly-white smile and red-ruby lips. Sparkling ear-rings twinkled like stars on a clear cloudless night. His pink complexion just resonated with shine and beauty. He wore a gold-coloured silk veshti and in His right hand was His vel!

I screamed [in Tamil]: "Elarum parungo...Murugan vanthitaan! Murugan vanthitaan! En Murugan vanthitaan!" [English meaning: "Everyone look! Murugan has come! Murugan has come! My Murugan has come!"]

Someone turned and said,"What nonsense are you talking about? There is no-one there!"

I turned back to the front door and there He was, Bhagavan Sri Skanda - standing and waiting ever-so patiently for me to invite Him in. I ran around yelling, "Someone get a camera and take a picture. Is there are a nice chair for Him to sit on? What are you all doing just standing there? Don't you see who is here?!!!"

Everyone ignored me and went about their business. I again glanced back to My beloved Murugan. He smiled and ran into my apartment just like the peacock ran in my other dream.

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He stood just a few feet from the front door and I couldn't help seeing this adorable, cute, and beautiful Divine presence standing inside my apartment. I immediately embraced Him with tears flowing down my face as my veins pulsed with ecstacy!

He looked at me and started to smile and laugh. As I lovingly embraced him in my arms, I closed my eyes and kept repeating,"Muruga. Muruga. Muruga. Muruga. Muruga. Muruga."

As I continued to do this, He kept laughing. I could feel His body move about in my arms from His laughter. Then slowly His wondrous form dissolved and melted inside my body. I ended up having my having my arms crossed and wrapped around myself. I then awoke.

Coincidentally (I think not!), I received Sri Skanda's "Thought For The Day Message" and it stated:

"Imagine me in all my beauty and let it saturate you. Become my beauty. See your faces smooth out. Let worldly worries drop away. Keep faith!"

All these only confirmed the wonderful experience I had last night! Thank you my loving Lord for heeding to my prayers last night. I truly am blessed to have the rare chance to see you in your true beautiful form. You are more real to me than the mudane world I live in. How long I missed seeing your delightful form in my dreams. Thank you so much for always showing me that you are always with me. I love you so very much.

Always thinking of your fragrant divine lotus-feet and patiently waiting for the day that I will one day attain it,
Your child



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