Education - Medicine: Muruga!

By Sri Skanda's Warrior of Light

September 9, 2002

Yesterday I had a dream that I was situated in my very small studio apartment looking out to the balcony from my bed. I saw three peacocks (valli, murugan, devayanai?) standing peering in through the balcony door, which was open.

Then one peacock, in the middle, took a step forward and entered in my apartment. It took a good look at me and then ran towards me. I remember looking at its head and then for a brief instant I saw Sri Skanda's beautiful face instead of the peacock's head [see figure above taken from Hilda Charlton's book, Skanda]. He smiled at me. I saw His pinkish complexion and His glimmering beautiful white teeth. I instinctively knelt down on my knees, opened my arms wide, and yelled,"Muruga!" because this is what I saw. The peacock ran straight into my arms. I hugged it. It was so beautiful. Its feathers were so soft!

Then my mind thought, "Wait a minute. Isn't this peacock going to peck me?" I then immediately awoke.

Thank you my Lord. I am situated 4000 km away from my family studying medicine. Thank you for being with me especially now during my time of great need. I sure do need the company!


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