Education - Medicine: Blessings from Sri Arunagirinathar?

By Sri Skanda's Warrior of Light

June 25, 2003

Last night, I had a wonderful and interesting experience. I dreamt that I was in my lecture hall at medical school and as I was about to leave, I saw a big green parrot fly from the air and land on my back. It then climbed onto my shoulder and then hopped onto the ground. It was green just like my pet budgie. I fearlessly knelt down and stretched my hand out of love, since I am very fond of animals, especially birds. When I did this, the parrot came onto my hand. I then lifted it and it then immediately flew. It flew around the entire lecture hall and then landed on my back and climbed onto my left shoulder again. It kept doing this over and over again. When it flew it did so very gracefully. I then awoke.

I wonder if this was Sri Arunagirinathar? The reason being, I was asking Sri Skanda if He was accepting my sincere efforts to best follow everything Sri Arunagirinathar has said in His Thiruppugal and Kanthar Anubhuthi works. Perhaps this was His way of showing me that He is watching over me and helping guide me in my life (including my challenging medical education) and bring forth the glorious light that is inherent within me.


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