Education - Medicine: Biochemistry exam (know I am with you)

By Sri Skanda's Warrior of Light

September 30, 2002

Today, I awoke early at my usual time: 5:30 am to get ready for was a biochemistry exam. I prayed the night before requesting God Skanda to help me to do well on this exam by His invaluable blessings. And yesterday night I had an interesting experience.

I dreamt that I was approached by a big black cobra snake. It was very big and was just staring right at me. I got scared and I got some water in a cup and threw it in its face to make it go away. Strangely enough, the snake did not do any harm to me. Instead it slithered away from me and curled around two feet. The feet belonged to a peacock! The peacock glanced at me and raised its plumage and spread it beautifully as if it was blessing me.

Thank you Muruga for blessing me before my exam and for controlling any negative tendencies that may impede my success on this exam (i.e. snake) with your beautiful peacock!

I wrote the exam but was unsure how I did. After the exam, I checked my email for Sri Skanda's TFTD (Thought For The Day #273) and I got a wonderful message:

"Know I am with you."

Later that afternoon I was able to view the results of my exam: 100%

Three days prior to today, I also had a nice dream where I was situated with my sister back in Canada outside our house. She was talking to me when my eyes fell upon a wonderful sight in the sky — a rainbow! I told her to excuse me and I held my arms on my heart, closed my eyes and repeated Sri Skanda's sacred mantra three times.

When I opened my eyes [in the dream], I was back at my school with a school bag full of notes. I sat down at a table and I was approached by a young boy (?Murugan). He went into my school bag and started to view all my notes, one page at a time! After viewing all the notes and books in my school bag, He put them back and said [in Tamil], "You have a lot to study." He then disappeared, while I sat at the table studying my notes.

Both these two experiences reaffirm what Sri Skanda had told me through the TFTD message:

"Know I am with you."


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