Darshan - Temple: Oh my God!

By Sri Skanda's Warrior of Light

April 1, 2008

Last night, I dreamt that I was outside of a temple somewhere in India. It was warm and the sun was setting. In front of me was my wife, who was standing by a tap with running water.

As the water gushed from the tap, I saw my wife wash some puja trays. She was wearing a dark blue colored sari and was wearing a gold-necklace around her neck and gold bangles on both her hands. She also had a poo-charam (flower) garland attached beautifully to the back of her hair.

As she was washing, I noticed the sun set and the available light and the objects before my eyes began to take on the characteristic features of dusk, where the figures become dark silhouettes.

When that happened, I noticed my wife continuing to wash the puja trays. It was at that time when I saw something from the corner of my left eye.

I turned my head and noticed that I was standing beside a pond. And from within the pond (i.e. beneath the water) an intermittent glow began to emanate. I walked over to the edge of the pond and saw my reflection in the water. But then I saw something that I didn't expect — it was that of a male figure with a very fair complexion and long hair!

It was a face that I had not seen before.

My attention, then, went to the source of the glow — it was an object immersed underneath the surface of the pond.

As I peered closer, I saw the light (white in color) get brighter and brighter and then it began to dim. It dimmed and then became brighter and brighter. Over and over again, it repeated that cycle.

The object that I was looking at was a Siva-lingam!

As soon as I saw what I saw, I exclaimed [in English], the same words that my wife usually says whenever she gets excited, "Oh my God!"

My jaw hung open as I was in disbelief and mesmerized by the continous dimming and brightening of the lingam which emitted a clear bright white light. The top part of the Sivalingam (lingam) is what was emanating and dimming with light.

I called my wife and she stopped what she was doing and came over to me. She also was speechless.

As she stood beside me, I kneeled down and picked up the Sivalingam with both my hands and as I did this, I could feel a coarse electric-current-type-feeling flow through my hands and through my entire body. However, during this time, even though I could feel the strong vibrations course through my body, I was (as was my wife), completely mesmerized and absorbed by the glowing and dimming of the Sivalingam. We couldn't take our eyes off the beautiful sight.

It was then when I awoke to go to work.


Darshan - Temple: Oh my God! (continued...)

April 1, 2008

I didn't tell anyone about this dream (including my wife). Later during the day, when I had a moment to spare during my work, I went to check my email.

I had received a forwarded email from my wife that just arrived today containing pictures of a Siva temple in Coimbatore, India.

When I opened the attachments, I was completely speechless!

The picture attached to the email (see below) is EXACTLY how the lingam appeared to me in my dream when it shone with a clear bright white light! Pay attention to the lingam sitting on top of the orange/clay colored dome. In particular, examine closely the third photograph below, the lingam in my dream appeared EXACTLY like the tiny lingam on top of the dome. The only difference being, it was small enough to hold in my arms. It's size was approximately the length of my forearm and height about half my forearm length.

I was overwhelmed with emotion ad so happy to receive this email. I immediately called my wife and told her of this profound experience I had just had — recounting the uncanny timing of this dream with the email that she had forwarded to me the very next day.

Coincidence? I think not!

Thank you my loving father — Siva perumaan — for gracing your children with your darshan and blessings! Easwaraa! Murugaa! Appaa! Through you Murugaa, my wife and I have caught glimpse of your father! Thank you Murugaa for all the experiences that you have graciously given us!

Your child.

A closely related experience that affirms the above statement entitled, "Darshan - Satguru: Murugan and Siva are One."


Darshan - Temple: Oh my God! (continued...)

April 3, 2008

Last night, I dreamt a continuation of the dream that I dreamt on April 1, 2008 [Read previous experience above].

The way I knew it was a continuation was that I was wearing the exact same clothing (veshti and white shirt) and I was with my wife (who also was wearing the same blue saree that she wore in the previous dream). We were both in the same place (outdoors) that appeared to be a sacred place like India with the warm weather, sandy roads, trees, etc.

This time, I was walking towards my wife and I saw her smile and her gaze met with mine.

As I continued to approach her, she appeared to glimpse at something that was behind me and above me.

She then exclaimed, [in Tamil] "[my name] anga-paRungO...theriumbi paRungO!" as she pointed towards something that was behind me.

I walked over to her and she grasped my right hand and arm and asked me to turn around.

I turned my head.

My wife pointed towards an arbitrary position of space in the air — a region about 15 feet off the ground.

I looked and saw a wondrous sight — it was a gold-statue (vigraham) of Lord Murugan with Sri Valli and Deivayaanai!

It was just floating in the air. I recognized the form — it was the identical to the one that we pray to at the Thiruchendur Murugan Temple.

I was so happy to see my Lord. I remember especially catching glimpse of the beautiful Vel resting on His right hand which was held up in the abayahara/asirvathikra mudra. I then awoke.

Thank you Murugaa, for giving us the gift of allowing to experience you through the Sivalingam dream and through your beautiful form in this dream! Truly you are the embodiment of love, compassion, grace, and kindness.