Darshan - Satguru: Murugan and Siva are One

By Sri Skanda's Warrior of Light

February 23, 2008

Last night, I dreamt a wonderful dream. I found myself in an ancient temple with other devotees. I was seated on the concrete floor and from my left approached a man who handed to me a young child. I couldn't tell if it was a girl or a boy but it was very cute and beautiful. The child happily smiled at me as I lovingly accepted it into my arms. As the child sat in my lap, I said [in Tamil], "appu-swaami kumbiduvam-aa? [English meaning: Shall we pray to God?]"

As I said that, the child pointed towards a direction in front of me.

As I glanced that way — to my surprise — I saw a wonderful brown colored, beautifully carved Lord Nataraja statue with deepam lamps lit and surrounding Him.

Then I saw something that completely took my breath away — I saw the same child's (?Murugan) face instead of Lord Nataraja's face! Then when I looked left, right, up, everywhere I saw Lord Nataraja except His face, which was replaced by Murugan's!!! And surrounding that face was a bright glow that I can closely describe as the same halo that normally surrounds a ghee-lit lamps (deepam).

I asked the child (?Murugan) who sat in my lap, "How can you be in two places at the same time??? How can you be seated in my lap and also be there in the Nataraja murthi???"

When I saw the child (?Murugan) seated on my lap, I saw the side of its face smile, and when I glanced back at the Nataraja statue, the same smile and face of the child (?Murugan) was happily smiling back at me! It was such a unique and profound experience that is very hard to describe into words! I then awoke.

Oh Murugaa! unda karunai-yin oru alavu illayae! [There is no end to your kindness.]

Thank you for showing me that there is no difference between you and Siva perumaan — you both are One.

Thank you also for your love, your thiru-vilaadu [leela/divine sport], and for allowing me to experience you like this.

ellaam unda arul...ellaam unda karunai....ellaam unda anbu. :') :') :') [This is all your grace, your kindness, your love.]

Murugaa, shanmugaa, karthikeyaa, subramanyaa, vadivelaa, guhaa, kumaraa, easwaara, appaa, ammaa, aiyaa, gurunaathanappaa, kanthaa....

unda thirupaathathai adiyen eppOvum dhyaanach-irukka vendum,
unda thiruvadiki adiyen eppOvum thevaaram, thiruvaasagam, thiruppugal, alangaaram, anubhuthi paadit-irukka-vendum,
unda thirupaathathai adiyen eppOvum thondu seya-irukka-vendum,
dharmam valli nadanthu, unda atputha seer paathathai kaatchi keduchu...
naangal ellaaram un thiruvadiki cheravendum!

[May we always meditate on your divine Lotus Feet,
May we always sing sacred thevaaram, thiruvaasagam, thiruppugal, alangaaram, anubhuthi hymns your divine Lotus Feet
May we always serve your divine Lotus Feet
May we always walk the path of righteousness, attain the darshan of your divine Lotus Feet, and one day...
May we all merge in and join our final resting place under your divine Lotus Feet!]

erum anbundan [with love always],
unda kulanthai [your child]

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