Bakthi - Thiruppugal: If I am going to die...let me at least think of Murugan (Thiruppugal kaappu)

By Sri Skanda's Warrior of Light

May 30, 2007

Last night, I dreamt that I was in a temple. As I was waiting for the puja to start, I glanced around me to see who the people were that were present in the temple. I then spotted three people who were my known enemies — they have hurt me in the past through deceit, manipulation, robbery, and attempted assault. They all saw me and gave me a very dirty look.

As soon as I saw them, I thought to myself, "I can't pray if those dirty-hearted people are present here. I'd better leave. I never want to be near those types of people."

I then left the premise and sat outside the temple under a tree. I sat in a lotus-position and closed my eyes and began my meditation on Lord Murugan.

Before I could begin, I noticed something crawling all over my body. I opened my eyes and saw lots and lots and lots of snakes slithering all over my body. The reason being, I sat near a puthu (snake-mound), which had a lot of holes in it — from which came more and more snakes.

Frightened that they would harm me if I moved, I sat absolutely still — frozen by fear — and began to chant, "Muruga! Muruga! Muruga! Muruga! Muruga! Muruga!" over and over again.

Then suddenly the snakes all ran away. I opened my eyes to see the reason why? — a big (mother) cobra snake had arrived. It was over 12-feet in height when it stood erect with its hood open! It hissed at me. At this point, I really thought I was going to die (yes, the dream was that real to me!). So I thought, "If I'm going to die, let me at least think of Murugan and die."

So, I quickly thought of a Thiruppugal song for Murugan (composed by Saint Arunagirinathar) and I sang..."potha kantharu kOvE namo nama..."

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As I sang, the cobra started to sway side-to-side. It then shrunk in size — before being over 12-feet in height — it now stood only about 3-feet. It was mesmerized by the Thiruppugal song that I was singing. It then came and coiled itself in my lap! Remember, I am still seated on the ground from before (when all those little snakes were crawling all over my body) — unable to move since I thought I would die by a snake bite if I had moved.

As the cobra coiled itself onto my lap, I arrived at a line of the Thiruppugal that ended with "...abiraami" meaning "exquisitely beautiful divine mother (Parvathi)." As I sang that line, the head of the cobra changed into a beautiful young girl's face with long dark black hair - but the rest of her body was that of a snake. She looked at me and smiled (Amman?). As Her head sat on my lap, I continued to sing and I stroked her long-dark silky black hair. She was extremely content with me.

After I finished, I said,"unakku ippa santhOsham-aa? ennathOda ennum kOvam-aa?" [English translation: "Are you happy now or are you still angry with me?" (referring to how the cobra was hissing at me earlier)]

She smiled at me and then assumed her previous form and crawled away — leaving me alone under the tree beside the puthu (snake mound) to continue my meditation on Lord Murugan.

Thank you Muruga for protecting me from all those snakes with this powerful Thiruppugal song! I know Saint Arunagirinathar also had many enemies who were jealous of his fame and status when he was blessed by Murugan. Similarly, I know I also have enemies who are jealous and want to do harm to me — but I know that my thoughts of Murugan will always protect me. Thank you again Murugaa! May you bless me to always think of you — and should I fail to do so by getting caught up in worldly activities, please bless your child with the boon to at least think of you at the moment of death.

With tears of devotion, I offer as water to wash your ever-fragrant Lotus feet...may you kindly grant me your favor to reach those feet that my heart has coveted for these so many years and births!

With lovely thoughts of your feet,
My humble pranams and prostrations,
Your child.


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