Please check this page periodically to stay informed on any website updates. Listed below are the most recent announcements (with the newest posting listed first).

 2/2/2016 — Website update
  Added "Prayer Book (compilations)" contains combination of multiple devotional works in one PDF file (see 'works' -> 'stothras')

 1/11/2016 — Website update
  Added "Hanuman Chalisa" and "Sri Mahishasuramadhini stotram" PDF (corrections made & hypenations added for easier chanting) -> see 'works' -> 'stothras'

 1/10/2016 — Website update
  Added "UdhdhaGaandam-part2" of Kantha Puraanam (see 'works' -> 'kacchiyappar sivacharayar' -> 'kantha puranam')

 1/1/2016 — Website update
  Happy 2016! May Lord Skanda's blessings and grace guide you through this year and beyond!