Please check this page periodically to stay informed on any website updates. Listed below are the most recent announcements (with the newest posting listed first).

 2/26/2015 — Website update
  Added "natha-vinthu" by Smt. Kasthuri (see 'works' -> 'arunagirinathar' -> 'thiruppugal')

 2/1/2015 — TFTD service up
  The TFTD Email Service is up and running. Sorry for the disruption in service. We hope the new server will not give us any further problems. In Sri Skanda's Service, Skandagurunatha Webteam

 1/31/2015 — Website migrated
  Dear Devotees, We have migrated the website given the numerous errors we had with the TFTD service. This resulted in many days of missed TFTD emails, which is unacceptable. Thus, we have now migrated the website to another server, which we hope is much more reliable. The website is up but some of its services are still down (namely the TFTD service). We are working on the issues and will do our best to get it up and running as soon as possible. In the meantime, please visit the 'Oracles' page for the daily TFTD message. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this migration. Thank you for your understanding. In Sri Skanda's Service, Skandagurunatha Webteam

 1/10/2015 — Website update
  Added "Skanda Sashti: Payasam and Hot Stove" to Satsang page (see 'Satsang' -> 'Festivals' -> 'Skanda Sashti').