Sacred Works on Lord Murugan

By Sri Skanda's Warrior of Light

Our sacred Hindu tradition has been witness to the birth of many saints, whose wisdom and personal austere conduct have stood as a beacon-light in providing Sri Arunagirinathar Swamigal spiritual solace to their followers. Among the saints who were devoted to Lord Skanda, Arunagirinathar is one of the well known. However, there are other saints who, like Arunagirinathar, were also privileged to receive divine grace and blessings from Lord Muruga. Sri Skanda graced these saints with the incredible capacity to compose exquisite poems and songs of praise in the sacred Tamil language. All of them have left behind an invaluable wealth of literature that are authentic documentations of their divine experiences. Their literary works have greatly enriched the Tamil Saivite religion, language, and culture. These works are listed on the left column under the appropriate author's name.


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