By Sri Skanda's Warrior of Light

Bhajans are sacred devotional exercises in which lyrical compositions or devotional hymns on the different names of God are recited. These hymns, also termed namavalis, are composed into a pleasing and repetitive form with a distinctive beat and rhythm, so that the listener can easily learn and chant the song. Bhajans are conducted in such a manner that a lead singer chants each line and then pauses to allow the congregation to repeat the words. When we all sing bhajan songs with sincerity and love, our faith and bakthi (devotion) towards God strengthens. There is no greater or easier means of attaining God-realization in this Kali Yuga Age (present day) than chanting and remembering the name of the Divine. When God's Name is chanted as a song set to melodious music, it delights the heart of the singer and the listener immensely because it tugs at the heart's strings. Bhajans foster bakthi within an individual’s heart, which leads one towards the light of wisdom and away from the darkness of ignorance.

Note: For personal (spiritual) use only. Commercial use is strictly prohibited.

Murugan Bhajans

Appa Appa Aasai

audio fileAppa Appa Aasai
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Courtesy from "Murugan Pugazh Malai"


Anbarukku anbanae

anbarukku anbanae nee vaa vaa muruha
aaru padai veedudayai vaa vaa muruha

Friend to those who love him - please come Muruha.
You have six powerful bases (forces) - please come Muruha.

inpa maya jothi yae nee vaa vaa muruha
eesan umai bala ganae vaa vaa muruha

You are love and light - please come Muruha.
You are the beloved son of Siva and Uma - please come Muruha.

uraha naaban maruhanae nee vaa vaa muruha
umai karul purinthavanae vaa vaa muruha

You are the nephew of God Vishnu - please come Muruha.
You made a dumb boy talk - please come Muruha.

ettu kudi velavaa nee vaa vaa muruha
erumayil eriyae nee vaa vaa muruha

You live in 8 cities - please come Muruha.
On your lovely peacock - please come Muruha.

inkara nuk kilaya vanae vaa vaa muruha
aarumuga velava nae vaa vaa muruha

You are the younger brother to God Ganapathy who has 5 hands - please come Muruha.
You have 6 beautiful faces - please come Muruha.

oiyaari valli lola vaa vaa muruha
aum kaara thathu vamae vaa vaa muruha

You are the husband to the lovely Goddess Valli - please come Muruha.
You are the meaning of "Om" - please come Muruha.

auvai kuba thesi thavaa vaa vaa muruha
akila loga naya ganae vaa vaa muruha

You were the teacher (guru) to Saint Auvaiyar - please come Muruha.
You are the Lord of the entire world - please come Muruha.

Odi vaa nee Odi vaa nee vaa vaa muruha
aadi vaa nee aadi vaa nee vaa vaa muruha

Run towards me - please come Muruha.
Dance towards me - please come Muruha.

audio fileAnbarukku anbanae
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araHarO Haraa

araHarO Haraa suvaami araHarO Haraa
araHarO Haraa suvaami araHarO Haraa
kathirkaama vElanukku araHarO Haraa
kanthappa suvaamikku araHarO Haraa - (araHarO)

thirupparangiri theeranukku araHarO Haraa
thiruchenthoor thEvanukku araHarO Haraa
thiruppalani selvanukku araHarO Haraa
thiruvEraga paalanukku araHarO Haraa - (araHarO)

kunRilaadum kumaranukku araHarO Haraa
kunchirithan kaNavanukku araHarO Haraa
kuRavaLLi kaanthanukku araHarO Haraa
kuNangadantha lOlanukku araHarO Haraa - (araHarO)

sOlaimalai kilavanukku araHarO Haraa
sogusukkaara maruganukku araHarO Haraa
sivasakthi vElanukku araHarO Haraa
singaara vElanukku araHarO Haraa - (araHarO)

agangaara naasarukku araHarO Haraa
anpaRkaLin nEyarukku araHarO Haraa
Onkaarath thathuvaRkku araHarO Haraa
Om sakthi thanthavaRkku araHarO Haraa

araHarO Haraa suvaami araHarO Haraa
araHarO Haraa suvaami araHarO Haraa


Kali Yuga Avatara

Kali Yuga Avatara Swami Kali Yuga Avatara
Vel Muruga Vadivel Muruga Kali Yuga Avatara
Kanda Guha Kathir Vel Muruga Kali Yuga Avatara
Karthikeya Shanmukha Natha Kali Yuga Avatara

Incarnation of the Kaliyuga (the present age). Obeisance to Lord Muruga, also known as Kartikeya, Shanmukha, Muruga, Vadivela, and Guha.


Aum Muruga

Aum Muruga Jaya Aum Muruga
Vaa Muruga Vadi Vel Alaga
Sakthi Vadi Vela Swami Muruga
Saravanabava Guha Swami Muruga

Victory to Lord Muruga, who holds the powerful Vel in his hand, and known as “Saravanabavan.” Oh handsome Lord! Please come down to save your devotees.


Muruga saranam

Muruga Saranam Muruga Saranam
Muruga Muruga Muruga
Pulli Mayilone Muruga Saranam
Valli Manalane Muruga Saranam
Sevalkodiyone Muruga Saranam
Sevadi Kappavane Muruga Saranam
Iaingakara Sotharane Muruga Saranam
Iaiyankalai Theerppavane Muruga Saranam
Om Saravanane Muruga saranam
Om Sakthi Balane Muruga saranam

Surrender to Lord Muruga, whose vehicle is peacock with beautiful feathers, Consort of Valli, who protects those who surrendered, younger brother of Lord Ganesha, who destroys our fears, doubts, etc. and beloved son of Sakthi.


pachchai mayil

pach-chai mayil vaa-gana-nE siva
baala subramaNiyanE vaa - ingu
ichai Ellaam un-mEl(e) vaithEn
eLLa-Lavum aiyam-illayai (Oh ho)

Rider of the green vehicle (peacock)
Lord Subramanium, please come and
Destroy all my doubts as I call
To you with love and trust.

koch-chai moLi-yaa-naa-lum - unnai
kOnchi-kOnchi paa-diduvEn - ingu
saRchai ellaam maRain-thatha-paa - ingu
saantham neeRain-thatha-paa (Oh)

Even though I cannot speak my language properly
I'll make every effort to sing to you as naturally as I can kiss you.
As I sing to you, peace settles everywhere
For all my sufferings and worries cease.

nenja-mathil kOvil-amaithEn angayil
nERmai ennum theepam vaithEn - nee
senchil-ambu konchida-vE-vaa murugaa
sEvEL kodi mayil veeraa (Oh)

I have built a temple inside my heart
To which, I light a lamp (theepam) whose flame is pure and honest
Please Muruga, come into my temple with your anklets making noise
You have a cockerel as your flag.

veLLamathu paLLan-thanilE paayum
thanmai pOl uLLan-thanilE - nee
meLLa meLLa pugunthu vittaay endhan
kaLLam-ellaam karain-thatha-paa (Oh ho)

How water slowly flows into a ditch
You too have flowed slowly into my heart
Melting all my impure thoughts.

aaRu-padai veedu-daiya-vaa enak(ku)
aaRu-thalai tharum thEvaa - nee
ERu-mayil ERi-varuvaay - murugaa
engum neeRain-thavanE (Oh ho)

You dwell in six sacred abodes (Aarupadu Veedu)
You are the only one who can grant me salvation
Please come to me, Muruga, on your peacock
For you are everywhere.

alai-kadal Orath-thilE en(gaL)
anbaana shaN-muganE - nee
alaiyaa manam than-thaay - unak(ku)
aanantha kOdi nama-skaaram (Oh)

Near the sea shore, where the waves crash
Is a temple (Thiruchendur) where our loving Murugan resides
You have bestowed upon me peace of mind
And for that I thank you millions and millions of times

audio filePachchai Mayil
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audio filePachchai Mayil
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Saravana Siva Kurmara

Saravana Siva Kurmara
Shanmukhanatha Jai Jai Shanmukhanatha
Subrahmanya Karthikeya Vadi Vela
Shanmukhanatha Jai Jai Shanmukhanatha
saranam saranam Shanmukhanatha

We surrender to Lord Subrahmanyam, who has a charming face and who protects all with his Vel.


Shambho Kumara

Shambho Kumara Haro Hara
Siva Shankari Bala Haro Hara
Uma Sutha Shanmukha Guha
Siva saravana Bhava Haro Hara
Palani Girisha Haro Hara
Sakthi Purisha Haro Hara
Siva Siva Siva Siva
Hara Hara Hara Hara
Siva saravana Bhava Haro Hara

Victory to Lord Subramanyam, son of Siva Shakti and Uma. From Palani Hills, he has come down to bless us.


Singara Vel Muruga

Singara Vel Muruga Vel Vel
Jai Jai Maal Maruga Vel Vel
Saravana Bhava Guha Gurupara Shanmukha
Om Siva Gurunatha Vel Vel
Palani Girisha Sakthi Purisha
Bhakta Hrudaya Vasa Vel Vel
Sri Sakthi Danaya Sri Skanda Rajah
Sri Swami Murugesa Vel Vel

Victory to beautiful Muruga. Thou art known as Shanmukha, saravana Bhava, Guha, the Supreme Guru, Lord of Palani, Son of Sakthi, Murugesa holding the Vel.

audio fileSingara Vel Muruga
     (MP3 - 1.9MB | Tamil | © S. Pranava)


Siva Kumarane

Siva Kumarane Sakthi Balane, Vaa Vaa Vaa
Saravanabava Guha Shanmukha Vela, Vaa Vaa Vaa
Omkara Tatu Vamane Nee, Vaa Vaa Vaa
Sakthi purishwara Swami Natha, Vaa Vaa Vaa
Kanda Vaa Vaa Vaa
Vela Vaa Vaa Vaa
Swami Vaa Vaa Vaa

Come! Lord Muruga (Subramanyam) son of Siva and Sakthi; who taught the meaning of AUM to Siva. Come! You who is another form of Sakthi. Come Lord Muruga!


Subramanyam Subramanyam

Subramanyam Subramanyam Shanmukha Natha Subramanyam (2x)
Siva Siva Siva Siva Subramanyam
Hara Hara Hara Hara Subramanyam
Siva Siva Hara Hara Subramanyam
Hara Hara Siva Siva Subramanyam
Siva Saravana Bhava Subramanyam
Guru saravana Bhava Subramanyam
Siva Siva Hara Hara Subramanyam
Hara Hara Siva Siva Subramanyam

Worship the charming-faced Lord Subramanyam, second son of Lord Siva. Surrender to Lord Subramanyam who breaks the chain of samsara.


Then PaLani Naddanukku

Then PaLani Naddanukku Hara Haro Hara
Eru Mayil Velanukku Hara Haro Hara
Hara Haro Hara Murugaa Hara Haro Hara
Hara Haro Hara Shanmuga Hara Haro Hara
Swami Malai Naadanukku Hara Haro Hara
Thiruchen Thoor Velanukku Hara Haro Hara
Parthi Puri Naadadanuuku Hara Haro Hara
Sakthi Vadi Velanukku Hara Haro Hara
Hara Haro Hara Murugaa Hara Haro Hara
Hara Haro Hara Shanmuga Hara Haro Hara

Salutations to the Lord Muruga who resides in South Palani, Swami Malai, Parthi etc. who sits enthroned on a peacock, who has the victorious Vel given by his Mother. Prostrations to You!


Vaa Vaa Murugaiyah

Vaa Vaa Murhaiyah Vadivel Alaha
Vaa Vaa Vaa Kumara Thiruk Karthikeya
Vaa Vaa Muruhaiyah Vadivel Alaha

Singara Vela Siva Sakthi Bala
Sangeetha Lola Sri Swaminaatha


vEl muragaa maalmarugaa

vEl muragaa maalmarugaa vaa vaa shaNmugaa
kalpidithEn kaatharuLa vaa vaa shaNmugaa

You have a Vel (spear) and you are the nephew to God Vishnu - please come Muruha
I surrender to your feet, please take care of me - please come Muruha

naalvEdhap poruLaana naathaa shaNmugaa
nallathellaam unpaal kondaay naathaa shaNmugaa
selvamaaga sivaiyaNaikkum sEyE shaNmugaa
sengatheeR vElthaangiya en_thEvaa shaNmugaa (vEl)

You are the meaning of all four Vedhas - Muruha
All good thoughts and deeds are present in you - Muruha
God Siva hugs you as his beloved son - Muruha
You have the Vel which is bright as the Sun's rays - Muruha

aaRupadai veedudaiya aandavaa shaNmugaa
aananthaME aTputhaME aandavaa shaNmugaa
thERuthalai tharubavanE thEvaa shaNmugaa
singaara Onkaara seelanE shaNmugaa (vEl)

You have six powerful bases (forces) - Muruha
You are source of all happiness and miracles - Muruha
You give peace of mind and happiness - Muruha
You are handsome, you are the meaning of "Om" - Muruha

naa Rumaalai yaNimaRpaa naayagaa shaNmugaa
naathavinthu kalaatheetha naayagaa shaNmugaa
ERumayil vaagananE EnthalE shaNmugaa
neeRaNinthaaR vinaipOkkum neethanE shaNmugaa (vEl)

You wear a garland with scented flowers - Muruha
You are the God of Music - Muruha
You have a peacock as your chariot - Muruha
You remove all our sins if we wear your vibuthi - Muruha

veedumNaadum nin_thiruthaaL vEndi NEn shaNmugaa
veeran sooran udalkiLitha vElanE shaNmugaa
Odam manam unnaiNaada aadivaa shaNmugaa
oruvanE envinaiyaLitha uthamaa shaNmugaa (vEl)

I am asking for the best house, your feet - Muruha
You tore the body of Soora - Muruha
Please help me control my mind which runs all over the place - Please Come Muruha
You are the one who destroyed all my karmas - Muruha

ellaiyillaa aananthanE Ekaantha shaNmugaa
engum niRaintha anburuvE En murugaa shaNmugaa
thillaiyil aaduN thEvi paalaagaa shaNmugaa
thiruttuthanamaayik kuRakkodiyaik kondavaa shaNmugaa (vEl)

You are endless happiness - Muruha
You are ever-present and full of love - Muruha
You are the son of Parasakthi who dances with Siva (thillai) - Muruha
You are the one who kidnapped Valli and married her - Muruha

thollaiyellaam kadantha patham thanthidaay shaNmugaa
thOthaRithOm engaL munE vanthidaay shaNmugaa
kullaiyotha manamuruga karuNaisey shaNmugaa
kullena chilambolikka Odi vaa shaNmugaa (vEl)

Please give me the place where no worries and problems reside - Muruha
I am praying to you, please come in front of me - Muruha
Please melt my rock-solid mind and heart with your blessings - Muruha
Please come with your anklets making lovely noise - Muruha


Vel Muruga

Vel Muruga Vel Muruga
Vel Muruga Vadi Vel Alaha
Kanda Kadamba Vel Muruga
Kadirgama Vela Vel Muruga (Vel Muruha)
Sura Samhara Vel Muruga
Subrahmanyane Vel Muruga

Chant the many names of beautiful Lord Muruga: Kanda, Kadamba, Subramanya, who resides in Kathirgamam; who killed the demon Sura with his powerful Vel.



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