By Sri Skanda's Warrior of Light

Why do we go to the temple? What is the temple for? Why do we worship idols? Why do we chant "Aum"? Why do we sing to God? Why do we perform aaraathi? Why are Hindu marriages so long? Do we just do it, or does it mean something? We may not realize it, but almost every Hindu custom and tradition has a scientific, logical, historical, social, and spiritual significance. Many of these have been forgotten or been dubbed superstition.

Presented in the left menu, (courtesy of the Himalayan Academy), are some explanations by the God-realized Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami (lovingly known as Gurudeva) to these and other questions, which the general public and seekers of truth have pondered and questioned about for many years. Gurudeva, along the way, dispels many false beliefs and explains the reasons for the simple, enduring traditions that form an integral part of Indian homes and have lasted the test of time.




 Satguru Sivaya Subramuniya, Swami. Dancing with Siva. 5th ed. USA: Himalayan Academy, 1997.