Wealth: Murugan - my Lakshmi

By Sri Skanda's Warrior of Light

February 8, 2002

Through the grace of God, I have recently finished my Information Technology Diploma at DeVRY Institute of Technology. Having graduated I was eager to start working so that I could begin to pay off my debt from government student loans which had accumulated to over $40,000 (Canadian). However, in spite of my eagerness, the timing was not good. America had just been attacked by terrorists who destroyed the New York City World Trade Center. Having done that, the U.S. (united states) economy was in a recession. Being dependent on the U.S. for our exports, our Canadian economy, too, was hard hit. Massive layoffs and corporate restructuring were the news items at the time. However, I was reminded of Sri Skanda's wise words of wisdom from the prologue of Hilda Charlton's book, Skanda:

"You must keep your mind stayed on me and on the Light — Goddess Jyoti...Do not let it wander into the labyrinth of world conditions...Let not trouble, trouble you."

Upon hearing Sri Skanda's words inside of me, I ignored the world events taking place. I was unshaken by the catastrophies that had taken place because of my strong adherance to Lord Murugan's words. Inspite of Skanda's words, I was put to the usual tests of Life.

As time proceeded, I remained unemployed. My debts (over $40,000 in student loans) were becoming due in a few weeks and I was getting worried as I had no means of paying them. My family wasn't too supportive either. My mother would constantly harrass me and scold me to get a part-time job in a restaurant to pay off the loans as she said she could not support me. My sister was in university and so my father was using most of his income to support her. I felt so alone and miserable. I wanted a job but not just any job. Having studied this hard, I wanted one in my field of interest — information technology. I felt like a financial burden to my family. In any regards, I would tell my mother,"Don't worry. Murugan will find me a job. I know He will."

To which she replied,"You go and look. That's not His job."

I graduated on October 31, 2001. The month of November went by. So did December and January. However, throughout this three-and-a-half month period, I continuously sang Kanthar Anubhuthi everyday and did japam on His name via His sacred mantra.

I prayed,"Murugan, I trust you. I know you will help me overcome these financial debts. Please help me. Show them [my parents] that you are the God of Prosperity [Lakshmi]. Show them that you are my Lakshmi."

On January 30th, after coming from the temple in the morning, I received a phone call for an interview at Symcor for a technical operations analyst position. I attended the interview thinking whether this was Murugan's answer to my prayers. I simply went with no preparation, since it was such short notice. Later that day, I got a call from my I.T. staffing agent who said that I got the job at Symcor! I was to start work on feb. 11th. I was overwhelmed by his news and thanked my beloved Bhagavan Sri Skanda from the tears in my eyes.

I went to the Thiruchendur Murugan Temple on feb. 8th to thank Sri Skanda for helping me get the job. I mentally thanked Him and asked for a sign to show that it was all by His Grace that I received this opportunity. Throughout the entire pooja, I didn't receive the sign. However, as I was leaving, I took one last glance at Him and saw a big flower fall from Murugan's left shoulder (main temple murthi)! I quickly looked around and saw that no-one was there in the temple except me and my mother. She was doing namaskaram at the time and did not see the flower fall. It was a private message from Muruga to me, telling me that He silently acknowledged His leela and the gratitude I gave Him.

Thank you my Dear Dear Skanda. You helped me acquire this job with decent pay to help me pay off the loans coming due. You are my God of Prosperity — My Maha-Lakshmi — and I trust and know you will always take care of both my material and spiritual needs. Thank you so very much.



Charlton, Hilda. Skanda. New York: Golden Quest, 1989.


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