Wealth: Lord Skanda is so near to us

By Sri Skanda's Warrior of Light

May 25, 2002

Dear Lord Skanda:

My heart is full of gratitude because You have heard my prayers and You have answered my most intimate request.

I always pray to Lord Skanda from my heart, because I do not know any bhajan or any formal way of worship. All I know about Lord Skanda, I have learned from Hilda Charlton's book, Skanda. (Thanks Hilda!)

I thought that He was so high and far away that my prayers won't reach Him but He proved me wrong.

Last month, I was in desperate need for money because I have been unemployed for quite some time, but I couldn't ask anyone I knew because I was too embarrased to do it. One day a couple of devotees I had seen before at Skanda's Service called me and told me to meet them the next day and to bring my resume with me to see if they could help some how. Next day I met her and before she even looked at my resume she said,"I have something for you. Lord Skanda told me to bring you this." And she gave me a white envelope with $501 U.S. dollars in it. I was so surprised that I didnt know what to say! When I told her that I couldn't accept it she said,"It is not from me or from my husband. I received orders from Skanda to give you this."

I am so grateful to my Dear Skanda for answering my prayers, and of course as soon I get a job I will pay them back. Thanks my Dear Lord!



Charlton, Hilda. Skanda. New York: Golden Quest, 1989.


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