Sri Skanda's Oracles - Lesson 28: Standing at Heaven's gates

By Sri Skanda's Warrior of Light

September 28, 2006

Last night I had a very unique experience with my beloved Bhagavan Sri Skanda. I dreamt I was situated in a hot air balloon high above land. All I could see were patches of green beneath me. I couldn't make out any roads since I was too high up. I don't know why I was in a hot air balloon wearing a veshti. Nevertheless, I noticed that I was alone and that the balloon ran out of gas. So, naturally I became concerned. Alone, no gas, no parashute. I was stuck in the balloon. I don't even know if anyone could see nor hear my screams for help. Feeling hopeless and dejected, I started to cry. I recall feeling the tears of saddness and emptiness roll down my cheeks as I stood stranded in the hot air balloon high above land. I cried,"Murugaa! Murugaa! Murugaa!" Over and over, those were the words that rolled off my tongue.

Then I noticed something come down from the sky above. It was a brown-colored rope. It slowly descended from the clouds above to settle just at the perfect distance that I was able to grasp it. As a result, I grabbed on the rope all the while saying,"Murugaa! Murugaa! Murugaa!" As I did this, the rope carried me higher and higher! I could now see the hot air balloon far beneath me as I ascended up into the clouds. Then finally, I ascended just above the layer of thick clouds. As I looked around I saw a thick layer of white fluffy clouds. I almost thought I was in care-a-lot — the home of the carebears! But the rope brought me to the edge of the clouds where there appeared yellow-orange colored steps. They were leading to a house, which I saw at a distance. The steps leading the pathway took the shape of a swastika — the hindu symbol of luck, prosperity, and divinity [See figure below].

As I walked the path, the building became larger and larger. It was so large that I was probably like an ant in size comparison. It looked like an ancient greek-like temple with big walls and unique intricate carvings on the walls — similar to the acropolis. Yet the building had the intricate carvings and architecture that resembled some form of ancient indian temple. But it was sparkling and just glowed with a golden hue and resonated with a unique type vibration and aura that I felt was something divine. I just couldn't put a finger on it yet.

As I entered, I saw a few devotees, two figures I recognized immediately. It was my mother and my uncle (her twin brother). They were both standing in two separate lines — one male and the other line of female devotees. Before the two formed lines of devotees, were two doorways — one made for the male and one for the female devotees. My uncle was wearing a white shirt and a white veshti, while my mother was wearing a blue sari. I called out their names but they did not look back at me. Almost deaf to my calls. The line was slowly advancing like that seen in an airport security screening - with each devotee advancing through the mysterious doors and disappearing. I could not see beyond the doors.

In the middle of the two doors was a big wide door. Then I heard a trumpet-like noise heralding the arrival of someone behind me. As I turned to see, I saw a group of individuals carrying a golden-colored palanquin-like throne with someone sitting on it. The individuals did not look human. I assumed they were devas since some had golden crowns and were all wearing veshtis or saris. Some were fair in skin-color while others were dark in color. They also looked very strong. They resembled some of the characters I recall from the old cinema films of devotional epics.

Nevertheless, I was more concerned with what it was they were carrying. I first thought it was a statue but to my surprise, the Being that sat on the throne had a pink-hue to its complexion. I saw the feet and immediately recognized was of Sri Skanda! Exactly like the picture seen on Hilda Charlton's book. [See picture below.]

This is the holy feet I always pray to in my mind and heart. I always visualize this form within me when I go to temple.

The throne being carried by the ?devas also was exactly like that seen in the picture on Hilda's book. I didn't know that Bhagavan Sri Skanda was actually sitting on the throne until He took a big breath in. I, then, saw Sri Skanda's waist expand as He inhaled. I could see no more than his waist since He was just gigantic in size. To put this in perspective, try imagining the Statue of Liberty being carried on a throne. One would find it very challenging to look all the way up to see clearly the face of the statue. Similiarly, I could not see beyond His waist. However, the clothing adorning His beautiful body was identical to the picture. Brilliant gold-colored silk with prestine orange borders. He looked so exquisite — at least the part that I could see anyway. I was standing on the right of the throne.

After Lord Murugan inhaled and exhaled, a deva looked up as if to hear what Sri Skanda was saying — though I didn't hear anything. The deva then turned to me and said [in Tamil],"Do not go through that door if you have desires."

This message was all I received. The devotees continued to walk through the gate and Sri Skanda — on his golden throne carried by the devas — proceeded through the main gate which opened automatically by His presence. All the while I stood, wanting in my heart to follow Him but not knowing if I still had desires within me.

"Do I have asai [desires]?"

I couldn't answer. I kept on asking that question over and over and over while Sri Skanda slowly disappeared from my sight. My uncle and mother were just at the entrance of the doors. They were 2nd or 3rd in line as I last saw them before I awoke.

I didn't realize the significance of the preceding experience until I October 6, 2006 when I read the next lesson of Sri Skanda's divine oracles. In the lesson entitled, "Turn to me," Sri Skanda concludes the lesson with the following quote, which reminded me of my dream:

"Turn to me and know I am always ready to protect and help in time of need...When you cry out to me for help, there am I, instantly...Now fly with me for a short period into the eternal skies high above the motal senses into my abode, beyond the clouds of mortality."

I'll let you ponder on the significance between Sri Skanda's words and my divine experience.

With lovely thoughts of your beautiful lotus feet and waiting patiently for the day that I will one day attain it,

Your child (who longs to be with you — Oh Muruga!)