Sri Skanda's Oracles - Lesson 27: My letter to Lord Murugan

By Sri Skanda's Warrior of Light

March 10, 2002

Have you ever thought of writing to God? Yes, writing a letter by hand to God. Well, this idea popped in my head at the time I was undergoing some of life's tests. As a result, I was very confused and did not know what to do. I have heard people say to me,"Write a letter to (Sai) Baba...etc." But my reply would be,"Why not I write a letter to Skanda?" Upon hearing this they say,"No...Baba will answer your letter. People always write to him." To which, I would reply, "Why can't I write to Sri Skanda? You don't think He will answer my prayer? Is He not as real as Baba? Lastly, I can't write to him because Baba is not my Guru — Murugan is."

Being the non-conformist and a little curious about my trust in Skanda, I decided to put my faith to the test. Do I really trust Skanda? Do I love Him and treat Him truly as my mother, father, guru, and God? If so, then I will get an answer. I wrote the letter on February 28, 2002. I can't disclose the details of the letter as it is of a personal nature and can only be read by Skanda.

The details of my letter is not the important thing I am trying to point out, it is the fact that I put my faith to the test that is important. The fact that I treat Bhagavan Sri Skanda as a living being who interacts with me on a daily basis. This is what is being emphasized here.

I put the letter at His Feet before I went to sleep (under my pillow; because I always imagine my head resting on His Feet).

One day passed. Two days. Three days. I didn't expect a prompt reply because I knew Skanda wanted to test me a little before He answered my letter. In any case, I remained patient for the answer to come. Ten days after I wrote the letter, my divine message came in the form of a wonderful dream.

Last night, I had a dream that gave me the answer to the letter I wrote to Lord Murugan.

In the dream, I was in a big unknown house. Although it was foreign to me, I somehow knew where I was going. I proceeded through a hallway and stairs to an attic. As I went up the stairs to the attic, I found it dark but felt a light source coming from the attic. Before I went to the source, I felt the presence of someone behind me. As I turned, I saw Sathya Sai Baba from Puttaparthi. He was wearing his orange ochre robe and had his big tuft of black hair. He was smiling. I held my hands together and bowed my head in respect and humility. Baba then signed a picture taken of his feet. The feet were footprints made of vibhuthi. He signed it,"With Love, Baba." He handed the photo to me and said,"Take it and go over there." He pointed me to the direction from where a bright light was coming from. I nodded and stood still. Baba then proceeded down the stairs of the attic and into the living room where people were seated to receive him. As I continued to watch, Swami allowed the devotees to take paathanamaskar of his feet. I then proceeded to the light source, as instructed by Baba.

When I reached the light source, in front of me was a Being surrounded by an aura of golden bright light. He was seated in the yogic padmaasana (lotus) pose and stood absolutely still. His composure was that which mirrored peace, bliss, and love. He was fair skinned and resembled someone I knew. It was Me! My soul body! It was a very unique experience for me, while I stood watching myself. I felt like I was in a movie with me as an actor and the Being, who stood before me, as my double!

He then came out of his meditative pose and started talking to me. He said,"Do you see this?" He pointed to a gold pendant surrounding his neck.

"I pray to Murugan." He said.

I responded by showing him my pendant that I wear around my neck. It is a Tamil 'Aum' sign with a Vel inside it. It represents Murugan. I said [showing my pendant],"I, too, also pray to Murugan."

As I said this, the Being smiled at my response. The pendant he showed me had Murugan flanked on both sides by Valli and Devayanai.

My soul then spoke the following words to me (while showing me the pendant that was around His neck),"Trust in Him. He will take care of you and guide you."

He then disappeared into the bright light from which he came from. The form was gone but the light was there and it surrounded and encompassed all around me. When my atma spoke to me I recognized the voice — it was the same voice I sometimes hear inside of me. Upon realizing this, I awoke.

Here came the answer to my letter. Trust in Him [Skanda]. He will guide you and take care of you. My dear atma, you are my perfection lying dormant within. May Lord Skanda bring you forth from within so that I may lose myself in you. And in doing so, become one with God!

Interestingly enough, I also noted that I was currently studying Lesson 27: Be a Force of Light (from Skanda's Book) when I had this dream. In this lesson, Bhagavan Skanda says:

"Know me as he who carries the instruments of divine Love and know this moment who I am, not by words but by that which you feel. This moment feel yourself enfolded by golden substance, Love in its essence. I point my Vel towards you and its brilliant light shall penetrate and enter your hearts. Relax, get quiet, and feel. Children, I stand ready to help...Call and I am there, and above all, feel my tenderness and be filled with my golden Light in your times of need. Your need is my responsibility."

The same words spoken by Skanda in Lesson 27, I experienced last night! Oh Lord, thank you once again for humbling me with these profound experiences.



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