Sri Skanda's Oracles - Lesson 19: Sri Hanuman's Blessings

By Sri Skanda's Warrior of Light

August 22, 2002

Last night, as I slept, I was approached by Sri Anjanare (Hanuman). He took the form that I was readily able to identify as Sri Hanuman. He assumed the form of Jagesh, the boy whose kundalini sakthi was awakened by Sri Sri Sri Sivabalayogi Maharaj. Ever since His kundalini sakthi was awakened, Jagesh would often taken on bhavas pertaining to Sri Hanuman. In fact His muscular form resembles Sri Hanuman!

So in my sleep, Sri Hanuman was standing amongst a group of people gathered at a house. Everyone was looking at a person who was seated in a chair and had his legs stretched out and crossed one-over-the-other, similar to how Sri Sathya Sai Baba sits. However, I didn't look at who it really was. All I know was that someone's feet was there and the robe worn was white. Sri Hanuman stared right through me. I was a little afraid, but something inside me said, "Don't fear. He cannot do anything to you." This little voice kept saying this over and over again. The strange thing was that it appeared that Sri Hanuman could hear the voice within myself. He breathed harder and harder, as if he felt insulted that I was not afraid. When I looked at Sri Hanuman's form, my mind immediately started to fear, but it was that voice (Skanda?) within that kept me firm, still, and open to whatever Sri Hanuman wanted to do to me.

Then Sri Hanuman stomped over to me, making big thuds as He walked. I was still seated on the floor. As His towering and powerful form stood in front of me, He pointed to His feet and demanded, "You take paatha-namaskar!"

I did as I was told and prostrated before Him and touched His sacred feet. Interestingly enough, my mouth opened and the words that came out were, "Skanda! Skanda! Skanda! Skanda! Skanda! Skanda!" I kept saying these words until I awoke at 4am.

Thank you Sri Hanuman for permitting me to touch your lotus-like feet. Sri Hanuman has shown me that my worship of Sri Skanda is equally and unquestioningly accepted by Him. Further strengthening my belief in Sri Skanda's words in His invocation:

"Remember, We on high are One!"

Also, Sri Skanda showed me a sign that He acknowledges what I have been making an effort to do each time I wake up — to chant "Skandia, Skandia, Skandia." As per His instructions in Lesson 19: Assets and Deficits, God Skanda says:

"Forget me not. As you wake up each dawn of a new day, call my Name thrice: 'Skandia, Skandia, Skandia,' and start each new adventurous day with the path cleared before you."

Thank you my God Murugan, for giving me the boon to awaken by uttering your sacred name. You truly are paying attention to my study of your sacred lessons.

Murugan Perumanukku Jai! Anjanare Perumanukku Jai!



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