Sri Skanda's Oracles - Lesson 6: Rainbow of Light

By Sri Skanda's Warrior of Light

November 20, 2001

Today is the sixth and final day of Kanda Sashti. On the third night, I received blessings from Lord Muruha in my sleep. I dreamt that everywhere I looked, I saw rainbows everywhere! No one else could see them, only me. One of my friends was in my dream, but even he could not see anything! I said, "Look, can't you see the beautiful rainbows? Look over there, and here, and there's another one!" But, my friend was confused and said, "What? Are you crazy? I don't see anything!" These rainbows were for me to see that Sri Skanda is with me always. I kept on repeating Sri Skanda's sacred mantra over and over again.

Skanda says in his divine discourses in Lesson 6:

"Remember, at all times my Love is available. All you need to open the floodgates of my abode is to think or call on me. Even to see a rainbow should remind you I exist only for you, for I was created only to help conquer the force of evil which would try to assail and consume you."

Bhagavan Skanda has just tested me to see how carefully and attentively am I reading and following his instructions given in His book.



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