Sri Skanda's Oracles - Lesson 02: Fear nothing

By Sri Skanda's Warrior of Light

October 5, 2004

Last night, I dreamt that I was walking on a dirt road path that appeared to be in a forest like area - proceeding to go somewhere. Suddenly, in front of me, appeared a brown dog that was running very fast towards me from a distance. I immediately started to say Sri Skanda's Mantra.

The dog continued to run towards me. This time it had reached a closer distance towards me that I saw it's sharp teeth and angry eyes! Nevertheless, I was not afraid. I remember reading in Sri Skanda's book (Lesson 2: The Eye of the Peacock Feather) and remembering His powerful words:

"Fear nothing. Learn to be fearless and stalwart in the face of any seeming disaster. Be my Soldiers of Truth, and power will be yours to protect you under all circumstances."

So strangely enough, I did not fear the brown dog that was speeding with salivating fangs towards me. As I continued to repeat Lord Murugan's mantra in my mind, the dog suddenly became tame! It came close to me and stretched out its right paw! I knelt down and held it in my right hand and shook it. It then retreated its paw as I held it as if asking me to follow Him. The animal turned towards the path in front of me and started to walk in front of me. I followed it. It would occassionally turn back and see if I was still there and I would smile and continue following it. The dog then led me to a temple where there was a puja in progress. The dog then disappeared into thin air and I then rushed into the temple upon hearing the chimes of the bell being rung! It was a Ganesha puja and the priest was doing aaraathi to a kumbum. I prayed and started to chant the sanskrit mantras with the priest as if I had known them by heart! I watched an abishekam that followed the kumba puja. It was a wonderful experience and one that I remember vividly as I awoke.



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