Sri Skanda's Oracles - Lesson 01: Patience

By Sri Skanda's Warrior of Light

July 1, 2003

Living by myself away from my family for the past 10 months has been a definite struggle. Obstacle after obstacle am I always confronted with. Even with my prayers to Sri Ganesha, I was perplexed for the continued and unabated manifestations of obstacles in my life. I finally found the answer when I re-read Sri Skanda's first lesson entitled: Bridge of Rainbow of Light where Bhagavan says:

"The aspirant must have patience in overcoming difficult situations which reoccur constantly. Master one at a time, then begin the next, and you will not be overwhelmed."

So my heart accepted the recurring obstacles as Sri Skanda's disguised blessings to teach me the virtue of patience. And hence, this is what I began to think each time an obstacle came, I would think and mentally say to myself,"Patience. This is Skanda's lesson for me. I must have full patience to overcome this obstacle. Until I develop this trait, I am certain more obstacles will continue to come." This was reaffirmed by the vision that Sri Skanda graced me with last night.

In my dream, I was hurrying to a place, realizing that I was late for an important appointment. And on my way to my destination, I was faced with the same obstacles that I have been normally encountering in my life. So, I would deal with each of them with the patience that Sri Skanda taught me and then keep going, reminding myself of my mission — to reach wherever it is I was going. After bypassing all the hurdles, I finally arrived to my destination — a temple!

I quickly changed my attire and rushed to the main moolasthaanam (altar) where a Brahmin priest was waiting for my arrival. He was wearing a white veshti, having a poonool, and sacred ashes on His body. He (Murugan?) was standing inside the moolasthaanam and He reprimanded me by saying,"Where have you been? I have been waiting for you."

I replied,"I'm sorry. I got caught up by some delays on my way here."

The priest then calmly said,"Alright. Go and get the vigraham and bring it to me."

I immediately went to the left of the moolasthaanam and picked up a black granite, heavy but exquisitely carved vigraham of Sri Murugan! He was standing and on His right was his myol vahana! I marvelled at it for a short time and then reminded myself of the priest's orders. When I carried the Murugan vigraham to the entrance of the altar, the priest had disappeared. I searched everywhere but He was no where to be found!

So, I installed the deity in the moolasthaanam and decorated the surrounding area with flowers and started to pray to Murugan. I sang some songs (of which I can't recall any) and it was then when I awoke.

Thank you my dear God Skanda for reaffirming your wise words of wisdom from your own lessons. The vision was your way of silently telling me,"Patience. Patience. Patience. March on. March on, regardless of the obstacles. With patience, love, and faith, march on...and know that I am beckoning thee onward." Thus, for each obstacle I face, I now know to have patience in overcoming them. And by so doing, I know that I am one step closer to being united with my ever-loving, ever-compassionate, and ever-supportive Bhagavan Sri Skanda — who, I know, resides deep within the temple of my heart.