Satsang continued...

By Sri Skanda's Warrior of Light

Since time immemorial, Sri Skanda has brought about profound changes in the lives of the many individuals He has touched. Such experiences cannot be described from words alone — as stated by Saint Arunagirinathar in His famous work, Kanthar Anubhuthi:

From Kanthar Anubhuthi:


sevvaan uruvil thikal vElavan anR-,
uvvaathath- ena uNarvitthathu thaan
avvaaR- aRivaar aRikinRath- alaal,
evvaR- oruvark- isaivi- pathuvE. 30


“That Divine Experience which Lord Vel-Murugan, Whose Form shines like the crimson sky (at sunset), revealed (to me) from within, on that day, as having no comparison to it,–Unless that Experience is had by one as such and experienced as such, how can that be told to another?” (30) (Karthikeyan, p. 152)

All the words spoken, books read, lectures delivered, and philosophies formulated, thought-feed the mind but it is the anubhuthi (divine experience) that brings about true changes in our spiritual lives. These changes transform our thoughts, words, and actions and thus, teaches us how to live, understand ourselves, each other, the world, and God.

Saints are not the only persons whose lives Sri Skanda has graced. His love and affection transcends all barriers of caste, religion, gender, age, and karma, to bless all who turn to Him for solace. Thus, Sri Skanda gives us these spiritual experiences and induces change from within ourselves as Guhan — the Divine Indweller.

His leelas (divine sport) which took place centuries ago, still continue to occur today. These leelas are described by bhaktas (devotees) around the world demonstrating Sri Skanda's relentless effort to help us progress spiritually towards life's ultimate goal — self-realization and merger with the Divine. To read about these leelas, click on the link below.



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