Festivals - Skanda Sashti: Payasam and Hot Stove

By Sri Skanda's Warrior of Light

October 28, 2011

Last night, I performed Sri Skanda-Jyothi Vidhana Raja Upachara Puja for my beloved Lord Muruga. For prasadham, I had made payasam (see pictures below). After I had finished the puja, I quickly ran off to work as I was late for my hospital shift. I didn't notice much until the next morning when I came home from work. I arrived around 7:45am and went to the kitchen to wash my tupperware container that I took for work. It was then I noticed something.

The light on the electric stove was on indicating that the burner switch was still on! I was so surprised!

In my haste, yesterday, I had forgotten to turn off the stove after making fresh payasam for Lord Murugan. I was so surprised that the home didn't burn down from the heat. That's another thing! I touched the stove and it wasn't hot! So strange?!

I immediately turned to my home shrine and glanced at Lord Murugan and thanked Him for not allowing the stove to burn the house down! Also interesting to note is, the present oracle that I am studying from Sri Skanda's lesson, "Be of the Utmost dedication" - Lord Skanda states, "Let the desire to serve humankind burn into you. Now let go of your fears and tensions. Relax knowing that you are and will be taken care of, as long as you dedicate your lives to Light." So true! Oh Lord Muruga, how kind and caring you are! I love how you take care of your child :')

With tears of gratitude, love, and deep appreciation,
Your child