Festivals - Skanda Sashti: Murugan's kindness

By Sri Skanda's Warrior of Light

November 17, 2007

Today I just woke up having worked continuously for 34+ hours during my on-call shift at the hospital. Although, I was very hungry, I was much more exhausted and sleepy. So I drank some milk and went to sleep. My wife, was fasting for me for Kanthar Sashti which was in progress. She, out of her love for Murugan and me, gave up her regular meals and fasted to show her thanks to Murugan. I, however, could not do this fast (though I very much wanted to) since I would not be able to function at my very demanding job as a physician. Instead, whenever I had a spare moment in my busy schedule I would think of both Murugan and my wife — thanking them for gracing my life with their presence. Nevertheless, I still felt the hunger that my wife must be going through as I went to sleep.

Last night, I dreamt that I was walking in a forest along a grass path. It was day time and I saw from a distance some cute little birds and a female deer. They were heading somewhere, so I followed behind them. As we proceeded, I saw two objects standing from a distance that resembled people. As I approached closer, it was a handsome priest (?Murugan) with vibhuthi-adorned forehead wearing a nice red-veshti and a young lady (?Valli amman) wearing a beautiful green sari. They were looking at me as if they knew I was coming to see them. They both smiled at me.

Then the priest handed me a silver plate. I held it in both my hands. I then saw a table appear beside the couple that had so many types of food. Idly, sambar, rice, thosai, vadai, poori, rasam, dhaal, papadam ,etc. I couldn't believe my eyes. The priest opened the lid of a vessel, and I saw the steam ("puhai") from the freshly made idly. I was amazed. Where did all this food come from?

Murugan(?) then placed some idly and thosai on my plate, while Valli Ammai placed some sambar and other curries. I was so hungry in the dream that I forgot to even look at their faces! I was just staring at the food! It was then I awoke.

Thank you my dear Lord Murugan and my wife for your acts of kindness. I suspect Lord Murugan must have felt the intensity of my wife's sincere act of sacrifice that He wanted to show both of us He is well aware of all that we are doing for Him. Thank you Murugan. Thank you my loving wife. I love you both so very much.

Your child.