Festivals - Navarathri: Victory! Victory! Victory!

By Sri Skanda's Warrior of Light

October 15, 2002

Today was Vijaya-dasami. The tenth and final day of Navarathri. Although I didn't observe the fast as I would like to have (i.e. one meal a day, singing 20-stanzas of Sri Mahishasuramardhini, etc.), I tried my best to devote a few minutes each day to the worship of Divine Mother during these past nine days. Divine Mother, Amma, is the Sakthi aspect of Sri Murugan. Hence, when I worship Sakthi and think about Her undescribable love, I associate that motherly aspect with my ishtadevam, Bhagavan Sri Skanda.

As I awoke at my usual time: 5:30 am to get ready for another day at medical school, I asked God (after my short 15-minute prayer) in my thoughts,"Amma, as today is the day of victory (vijadasami) over our lower self, please let that victory pulsate through me. Even though I did not observe the fast as strictly as I should have, please accept the little short morning prayer that I have been doing for you over the past nine days. I am sorry if I could not devote more time to think of you. Please forgive me."

Having concluded with those thoughts, I was about to leave and suddenly it began to rain! It was a very light sprinkle and I got wet walking to my car. I wondered where this rain was coming from because I could not see any dark clouds above me! Moreover, the sun was shining and it was a gorgeous morning. Anyway, when I arrived at school I noticed a magnificent sight. I stood still as I saw a gigantic rainbow that stretched across the entire sky. I had to turn my head 180-degrees to glimpse the entire arch of the rainbow! I immediately contemplated of God Skanda and repeated His sacred mantra six-times.

I knew that, even though my efforts of observing Navarathri were nothing compared to those sincere devotees around the world, it was accepted by Amma through the form that I worship — Bhagavan Sri Skanda! Victory! Victory! Victory! Jaya! Jaya! Jaya!