Festivals - Kethaara Gowri Vratham: SIVA - PURE LOVE - I AM SIVA

By Sri Skanda's Warrior of Light

October 26, 2012

This year my wife decided to observe Kedara Gowri Virutham (fast) for 21 days for the benefit of a happy and prosperous married life materially. Spiritually, it is the symbolism of merging of the individual consciousness with the supreme consciousness symbolized as Siva - the result being Ardhana-iswara (Siva-Sakthi). While my wife was observing the fast, I did my part by doing puja everyday for Bhagavan Sri Skanda. The following experience may signify the acceptance of our prayers by God and further instruction on how to facilitate the merger with the Absolute.

Last night, I dreamt that I was with my wife and we were both standing in a garden with beautiful trees and plants all around us. It appeared to be early morning and I noticed intricately carved statues of male and female deities surrounding us with trees behind them.

Then in the middle of this garden was an open stone-floor area and in the middle of the area was a big stone block and on top of it was an enormous book. The place resembled like a movie scene from 'The Lord of the Rings' where the fellowship council meeting was held at the Elven Kingdom.

The book then opened by itself and I noticed it had white blank pages. Then magically, the book floated in the air and it then faced towards my wife and me. The pages then started flipping from left to right. I recall seeing the big blank white pages turn and then it stopped on a page with some writing on it.

I saw in big CAPITAL letters and in black ink, one word - “SIVA”.

Then the pages started turning some more and I saw this time two words, “PURE LOVE”.

As these words appeared on the page, my wife and I were saying it out loud and reading together. Then as we said what we saw, the pages started to turn some more. This time three words appeared on the page, “I AM SIVA”.

My wife and I chanted those and it was then I awoke. I remember seeing those words very clearly. I’m not sure but perhaps this has something to do with the Gowri Vratham that my wife and I are observing. I recall that this was the period Sri Devi did penance and at the end attained her boon of becoming one with God Siva. I’m just happy I was blessed to be with my loving wife and think of God in that beautiful garden.