Festivals - Karthigai Thiruvillaku Puja: Reminder

By Sri Skanda's Warrior of Light

November 22, 2007

Last night I found myself in a kitchen (similar to the Montreal Murugan Temple). I was standing behind a young priest who was making some prasadam for Murugan. It was vadai! I saw lots of vadai that He was making. They were nice, fresh and crispy. I thought to myself, how nice it will be for Murugan since it's made fresh.

With that thought, I left the priest alone and I went to the entrance of the temple. There was no-one present. I was alone. As I stood, my gaze went to the side mandapam where the eluntharuli (utsava) statues are kept. Instead of seeing the golden vigrahams, I saw in their place, lots of gold-colored thiru-villaku lamps that were all aligned side-by-side. They were all unlit. Then my gaze went to the main mulasthaanam (shrine) and there, my eyes were treated to the beautiful darshan of a golden-colored vigraham of Murugan with Valli and Deivayaanai Ambaal. They were shining so brightly that a golden-light aura was seen surrounding the mulasthaanam.

It was such a pleasant sight. I prayed and it was then when I awoke.

O Murugaa! Thank you Appa for allowing me to have your darshan and for reminding me that tomorrow is Karthigai Thiruvillakku (also Powrnami) puja. Words can't express how much adoration and love I have in my heart for you My Lord. Only with tears of devotion and thanking you profusely through the songs I sing and remember you with can I begin to express the immense gratitude I have for you.

At your fragrant divine lotus feet do my thoughts always remain - in hopes that my restless soul will one day attain what it has sought throughout its many previous births - its permanent resting place under your holy feet,

Unda paavi-mahan,
Your child.