Festivals - Chathurthi: A reasonable request is always fulfilled

By Sri Skanda's Warrior of Light

May 15, 2002

Every time I visit my local temple or a saint, I always wear traditional Indian clothing (veshti). I would on occassion notice other devotees wearing veshtis with a dark colored shalvey (a short piece of dark colored cloth tied around the veshti). I always see priests wear them. Sometimes I would ponder,"Hmmm...if I were to wear one what colour would it be?" I would also mentally answer my own questions, "I like orange. It is a nice colour and a sign of detachment and sacrifice."

Today was Ganesha Chathurthi. I fasted from dawn till dusk (6pm) and then ate. After I arrived home from work, I went to the Thiruchendur Murugan Temple to help the priest (whom I always prostrate and pray to as Lord Murugan). As I was getting changed, He came up to me and said,"Here. Wear this. I got this for you."

To my surprise, it was an orange shalvey!!!

I immediately thanked Lord Murugan for His wonderful gift and prostrated at the priest's feet and imagined that I was doing paathanamaskaar to Lord Skanda's feet.

I have never told anyone about this nor discussed the idea of me wanting a special shalvey that priests wear. It was a need that I had in my mind and I thought it was silly since I should not be desiring such things. However, the priest said [in Tamil],"All those who assist me, must wear one. This one is for you to keep."

Upon hearing these words I was in such bliss and ecstacy. The priest, too, was unusually very pleased with me today.

My Dear Lord Skanda, how you have been listening in on my thoughts! Thank you again for this humble gift!