Family Life: Murugan watches over me

By Sri Skanda's Warrior of Light

January 29, 2007

During this past week, I have been facing lots of life's difficulties from people spreading lies about me to making death threats directly. I was so concerned knowing that I am a victim of some sort of conspiracy smear campaign. I prayed to Murugan saying,"I trust you Muruga. You'll take care of everything."

That night, I dreamt that I was walking along a dirt road with a few friends of mine. It was rainy and around early morning or evening, I couldn't tell from the lighting. We were looking for shelter from the heavy downpour. At a distance we saw an old hut that was pretty worn down. We entered into the hut and to our surprise we saw a beautiful black vigraham of Bhagavan Sri Skanda. He looked very similar to the bala-murugan statue in the Thiruchendur Murugan temple. He was adorned with a beige-colored veshti with a red border; gold jewels adorning His beautiful form; and of course, His magnificent Vel. I noticed that He was smiling at us. I also noticed that there were small cracks in the hut that allowed for small yellow rays of sun-light to enter. Entering with the golden rays was also the left over rain drops that seeped through from the cracks. Unfortunately, the rain drops fell directly on Murugan's head. It completely drenched His attire. Feeling sorry for my Murugan since He looked cold and wet, I took off all His jewelry and Vel and put it aside. I then took off His wet veshti and handed it to one of my friends. I then picked Murugan up and dried Him with my T-shirt that I was wearing. After drying Him, He looked much more pleasant. I lifted Him (black vigraham) and carried Him out of the hut, while asking my friends to bring along Murugan's Vel, jewellry, and wet clothes. We proceeded outside the hut when I noticed the rain had stopped. It was then when I awoke.

Thank you my Lord for your darshan and reassurance last night. I know you are watching over me and will take care of all of us — who surrender unto you.