Education - Medicine: Visit from Saint Auvaiyaar

By Sri Skanda's Warrior of Light

November 11, 2004

Last night I had an unusual visit from a wonderful being whose fame I have only heard and read about from stories and books. I am not sure why She visited me but it may have something to do with my concern about praying to Lord Skanda.

I wanted in my heart to sing Kanthar Anubhuthi everyday for Kantha Sashti, which was to begin this friday (Nov 12). But, unfortunately, I was so limited in my time because of my recent commencement of my clinical clerkships at Wycombe General Hospital, in London, England - as part of my 3rd year curriculum of medical school. Every day I would wake up at 5 or 6am and come home around 7pm from the hospital after helping and learning from my house officer. So, I would be so exhausted that I could not even have time to study properly or worse, wake up the following morning to do my daily sadhana of worship which would last 1 hour. Instead, I would only do a short 5-minute puja to Lord Ganesha and beseech Him to send my prayers through Him to His younger brother, Sri Skanda. But in my heart, I always questioned whether or not I was doing the right thing. It was then that I had this dream with Saint Auvaiyar (a renowned Saint who had the blessings of both Lord Ganesha and Skanda), who helped me with my predicament.

She came in my dream to the place I was staying (4 Dashwood) and I followed her. She was wearing a white sari and having very white gray hair and vibhuthi smeared across her forehead. She spoke to me [in Tamil] saying,"Mahanae [My Son]..."

Auvaiyar continued [in Tamil; but I'll cite the English translation of what she spoke],"...You don't need to worry about not spending long hours praying to Murugan. If you pray to Vinaayagar Peruman, He will convey your prayers to Skanda. That itself is adequate for you at this time."

I nodded my head in agreement saying,"Om Amma."

Auvaiyar then walked out of my accomodation complex and I followed her. As we went out of the building, we entered another building. It was a temple. There was no one in it but I do recall a kodi maram (sacrificial altar) and at the base was a Ganesha statue. It looked exactly as the one that I have in my altar room. Auvaiyar turned and looked at me and then looked at Sri Ganesha as if instructing me to pray. She sat beside the statue and held her hands in the anjali mudra. I sat beside her and in front of the Ganesha statue and started to chant the sanskrit mantras that I normally say in the morning. I then awoke.


Education - Medicine: Visit from Saint Auvaiyaar continued...

November 12, 2004

Last night appeared to be a continuation of the dream I had on the 11th of november. I was still seated in front of a Ganesha statue bare-chested and wearing a veshti. I was holding my hands in the Trikanda Mudra and chanting the entire Ganesha sanskrit puja mantras so easily as one sips water from the palms of one's hand. I then awoke.

I realized that Sri Ganesha had bestowed me with the gift of His grace of worshipping Him without the need of the Ganesha Puja book that I have near my altar. As I worshipped Him, tears flowed down my cheeks as I realized the depth of His love and concern for me. He knew how challenging my clerkships were and offered a solution to me that reassured my mind that Sri Skanda was equally pleased with my worship of Sri Ganesha during Kantha Sashti. And what better way to convey this message to me than through the darshan of Saint Auvaiyar — who was graced by both Sri Ganesha and Sri Skanda.