Education - Medicine: Remember and Believe

By Sri Skanda's Warrior of Light

September 20, 2002

Today, powrnami (full moon), I awoke early at my usual time: 5:30 am to get ready for medical school. One of the things I regret about studying medicine is the short amount of time I dedicate towards praying to God. In fact I don't even have time to do my 108-times japam of Bhagavan Sri Skanda's mantra. Normally, I would do this sadhana everyday.

I told my mother about my concern two days ago and she advised me to say the mantra at least 6 times (Skanda's favourite number) and that will be enough.

I remembered to say it yesterday, but today I forgot. I only realized it after I finished my prayers, which only lasts no more than ten minutes (compared to an hour prior to my medical school education). Since I had already sung the aarathi song, which signals to the devas and Gods that my prayers were concluded, I didn't feel right to say the mantra.

As I was reviewing my notes around 7:00 am something inside of me told me to step outside the balcony of my studio apartment. So, for no apparent reason, I stepped outside and saw the beautiful view of the lagoon and the rising sun in the east. The skies were clear. But for some reason, my head turned west and there in front of me was an enormous bright rainbow! It was ascending from a few clouds, in the western side of the sky, to a hill. It was so close to me that I felt that I could almost touch it! Can you imagine, the chances of seeing a rainbow at 7am in the morning? There were no rain showers during the night or in the morning. How could this be? It was undoubtebly the work of Sri Skanda.

Upon seeing the wondrous sight, I immediately closed my eyes, comtemplated of Sri Skanda's Lotus Feet, and said his sacred mantra six times.

It appears that Sri Skanda wanted me to comply with what my mother advised! He must have wanted me to remember Him at least during the repetition of His sacred mantra 6 times, and to believe that He is always lovingly watching over me. Moreover, He showed me a sign that it is the quality of the prayer not the quantity (i.e. length of prayers) that Bhagavan Skanda cares about!

Thank you my Dear Skanda for making my day! Your blessings are always welcomed in my heart.