Education - Medicine: I am always with you

By Sri Skanda's Warrior of Light

November 16, 2002

Today, I woke up early (7:30am) to begin my medical school studies. Because of the intensive nature of the curriculum, I find myself practically absorbed in my studies. So much so that my time towards prayer has significantly decreased from 1.5-2hrs/day to a mere 15 minutes/day.

Earlier today at around 9 am, I went to drop off my laundry at a lady who does provides a laundramat service for medical students. So, I dropped off my laundry and came back home to study and catch up for all the material that was discussed this week.

At 3:35pm, I went to pick up my laundry.

On the way, it began to rain very heavily. I could not manage to see beyond a few feet even with my car's windshield wipers on full speed. Anyway, I remained calm and continued to chant Sri Skanda's sacred mantra within myself - realizing that these mundane tasks, such as laundry, are the only opportunities I have to think of God. So, as I was driving on my way to pick up the laundry, I chanted His mantra.

As the rain poured even more heavily, I drove cautiously and continued my internal worship and remembrance of Sri Skanda. As I was 100 meters from making a turn into the laundramat place, the rain immediately stopped and the sun quickly came out and in front of me was a big beautiful vision of a rainbow. It was so fat and wide that I don't think anyone could have missed glimpsing it. Oddly enough, I saw it descend from the sky and land on the middle of the road that I was driving on. Surprised and overjoyed, I continued my internal chant of Sri Skanda's mantra knowing that He was hearing my every whisper and thought of Him.

On the following night (November 17, 2002), I was blessed with a vision of my beloved Bhagavan Sri Skanda. I was in a temple along with a line of devotees, who were all praying to Lord Skanda. He was in the center of the altar and the priest was standing in front of Him with his hands clasped in humility. I spotted a devotee who was singing a Thevaaram hymn and the entire temple just resonated to the vibrations of the hymn. All was quiet except for the devotee who was singing. As I glanced closer at Sri Skanda, I could see that beside Him was a statue of Hanuman. I don't know why, but Sri Hanuman often appears to come in some of my dreams with Bhagavan Skanda. Anyway, I could smell the sanctity of the temple, whose air was perfused with the fragrant scent of burning incense sticks. I then awoke.

My dear dear Sri Skanda. Thank you for your blessings, which you graciously and continuously shower unto your child each and every day. I am blessed and grateful for all that you have done, are doing, and will do for me. At your Divine Lotus Feet do I bow and aspire to reach!