Education - Medicine: Gross anatomy exam

By Sri Skanda's Warrior of Light

September 23, 2002

Today, I awoke early at my usual time: 5:30 am to get ready for medical school. I was a little anxious because I have a medical gross anatomy exam and practical today. It is my first medical school exam and hence, I was a little bit nervous.

I was hoping for some nice sunshine to start my day but it was very dark and windy. As I came out of the shower, it began to rain outside my studio apartment very hard! Looking at this positively, I said to myself,"Murugan [God] must be blessing me today to do well on my exam!"

I sat to do my short 10-minute prayer and I asked God Skanda,"Please shower your blessings on me today as I write this exam. Please be there [in the exam] with me and help me to answer all the answers to the best of my ability and correctly."

As I was concluding my prayers with Ganapathi Aarathi, it was 6:15am, I noticed something shining on the little altar in my apartment. It was the sun! It shone so beautifully. I thanked God Skanda for allowing the sun to come out and shine. Curiously, I stepped out in my balcony (6:21am) and saw God Skanda's sign that He is with me and is conveying His blessings — I saw a beautiful rainbow across the sky.

With tears of happiness, I closed my eyes and contemplated on Sri Skanda's lotus feet and repeated Sri Skanda's sacred mantra six-times.

Instantly, did God Skanda hear my prayers! He showed me that He will be there with me to write my exam and practical. Ten minutes later, after I got myself ready for school, I took a glimpse outside and the rainbow had disappeared. I set off to school to take the examination knowing that He is with me.


Education - Medicine: Gross anatomy exam (continued...)

September 25, 2002

An update on how I did on that exam, with God Skanda's blessings, I managed to get 92% (42/45 on the written portion; 50/55 on the practical portion).