Education - McMaster: Trust in Him and all will be well

By Sri Skanda's Warrior of Light

February 9, 2000

Today, my group and I had to do a physics presentation. I was very nervous because of one group member. I had worked with him before in my other courses, and he was a typical loafer. He does not value group work, he never knows any of the other group member's material, and he always tries to put the minimum amount of work into any task he undertakes. Having said this, I was worried about this presentation - it was the first of two presentations that we had to deliver each weighing 25% of our term mark.

As our group's turn came to present, I silently prayed to Murugan,"Please do not let us screw up in our presentation." And, as usual, Murugan never lets me down. We delivered an exceptional presentation. My colleague, whom I was initially skeptical about, spoke flawlessly. He answered all the questions thrown at the group by our peers brilliantly. Was Murugan speaking through this person? Even the other members of my group were surprised with his performance.

The professor loved our presentation. He stated that it was,"Professional. Good. Well done. It was different compared to all the other presentations." Our class members also followed up with their comments,"Great job guys!"

Thank you Murugan for helping us with our school project and for teaching me two valuable lessons:

1. Trust in Him (Murugan) and all will be well.
2. Never underestimate another person.