Education - Highschool: Muruga is here with us

By Jackson Chandra Anthony

January 9, 2002

A few days ago, I was getting myself ready for a science test in biology. This test based on biology was a big thing for me. It was a big thing for me because I studied very hard for this test and was prepared to pass it and be proud of it. The following day was the big test day. I was so prepared and so excited to do the test. Our science teacher handed every student a package of the science test. The first hour passed and I was doing pretty well. Then 15 minutes later, when I was half way through the test, I had to really use the washroom. I quietly picked up my test and walked up to the teacher and asked him to hold on to the test so I can go to the washroom. After receiving his permission, I quickly went to the washroom and quickly returned.

When I returned to the classroom, I approached the teacher to receive my test and complete it. But he stood up from his chair and asked me where my text book and my science notes were. I told him that I had my notes in my school bag but my text was in my locker. Immediately, he took my test and put it away in his "marked pile." I asked him, "What was going on?"

He turned to me with a serious face, and told me, "Go take a seat!"

I was speechless and confused, however, I did as I was told. My teacher looked at me and said that he wasn't stupid and he new that I was playing games. He alleged that I cheated on my test by going to my locker, instead of the washroom, to look in my science text for the answers. I was stunned at what the teacher had accused me of. If you know my teacher, you'd know that he does not give second chances. I felt so hopeless, upset, and disappointed.

For two days, I could not set my mind to do any homework. And even when I attempted to do my homework, I would just stare and think of the entire incident.

On the second day, I could not take it anymore. So I prayed to God. Strangely enough, I called out, "Muruga" thrice. I say strange because I am a Christian, yet Muruga was the first name that came to me. The reason being, I remember reading about someone else's experience while visiting The person said in that experience, that if one calls Muruga out thrice that He will come to you.

Later that afternoon, I attended the science class. At the end of the class, something happened to me! Something new! Something extraordinary! My teacher called me after class and told me that in his heart he believed me. He believed that I was telling the truth. So, he apologized for wrongly accusing me and permitted me to redo the test. I just couldn't believe that my prayer to Muruga worked! Thank you so much Muruga! God bless us all!