Darshan - Temple: Marching with Murugan and His devotees

By Sri Skanda's Warrior of Light

July 26, 2007

Last night, I dreamt that I was flying in the sky — like how a leaf is carried by the wind. High above the clouds was I — soaring and enjoying the wind being blown on my face. I felt as if the wind was carrying me somewhere (the destination was unknown to me).

I, then, landed in front of a big temple. It was grey in color and carved out of stone (?Iraivan temple). I recall seeing the big towering pillars that were magnificently carved. As I stood at the entrance of the temple, I noticed devotees starting to come out from inside the temple.

Amongst the devotees was a young boy who came up to me and said [in Tamil], "nee seriyaana nEraththOda vanthutingal...inthaa pidi! [English translation: You came just at the right time, here hold this.]"

When I looked at what the young boy (?Murugan) gave me in my hand — it was a black selai/kallu (stone) vigraham (statue) of Lord Murugan!

As soon as I glimpsed at His beautiful face, I started to cry. Tears of happiness flowed down my cheeks as I was so overwhelmed and delighted to see my Lord Murugan. I then saw my uncle (Mahendra) carrying a deepa-kaal (lamp) walking in front of another statue of Lord Murugan that devotees were carrying on their shoulders.

I asked my uncle, "ennakku oru uthavi seyvingal-aa? [English translation: Can you do me a favor?]"

He replied, "What (do you want me to do)?"

"enda muhaththai oru adi podungO because i want to make sure this isn't a dream, because it feels soooo real. [English translation: Can you slap my face, because I want to make sure this isn't a dream because it feels so real.]"

My uncle replied, "athu thevai-illayae...murugan unna kupitaan...athan nee ingai vanthu irukkurai. [English translation: That is not necessary. Murugan called you here, that is why you are here.]"

Upon hearing this I started to cry even more because I was so grateful to Murugan's kindness.

I then followed my uncle who carried the lamp and all the other devotees carrying the other statue of Lord Murugan and the drummers (melam) followed behind me as I carried the black statue of Lord Murugan!

I recall saying, "evala karunai murugaa ennai kaatringal? naan unnaku enna seyathunaan? nee ippidi ennai aatkonda vendi... [English translation: What kindness you have shown my Lord Murugaa! What have I done to deserve such kindness? Thank you for taking over my life.]"

It was then when I awoke.