Darshan - SatGuru: Who is my SatGuru?

By Sri Skanda's Warrior of Light

March 20, 2000

Yesterday night, I dreamt Lord Murugan. Before I reveal the details of the wonderful dream, I think it is important to know the context of my situation before hearing about Murugan's leela.

For weeks, I was mentally contemplating over the question of who my guru is. Is it Sri Narayani Amma or Lord Murugan? I have spoken to Narayani Amma about this and she said that it was Murugan who brought me to her. So, I was not sure whether Amma or Murugan was my Guru. I asked my friend,"Would you want to know who your guru is?" To which, he replied,"Why?" Upon hearing this, I did not pursue the discussion any further as I realized that maybe he does not yet understand the importance of having a Guru.

That night, I had a dream. [Please bear in mind that this dream is very symbolic, and will not be understood if read on a superficial level.] I found myself situated in my lecture hall at the University where my English professor was speaking. My uncle, whom Murugan sometimes takes form as was also present in the hall. However, as soon as I turned to my uncle, he disappeared. I then realized that it was not my uncle and that it was the Lord doing his leela. My teacher continued to talk. As I paid close attention to the details of his lecture, I realized that he was talking about Murugan, the purpose of Him taking form, His leelas, etc.

Suddenly, a burst of laughter came out from the person beside me. It was my friend. The same one who replied,"Why?" when asked for the necessity of a guru. Immediately, my professor (Murugan?) reprimanded him. The symbolic significance here of this dream was that my professor (Guru) is standing and giving a lecture (upadesam) to his disciple (me?) seated in the lecture hall. [Note the higher elevation of the guru with respect to the disciple.]

Everyone else in the lecture hall had an unusual fear of the professor, however, I being seated in the front row was happy and unfrightened. The professor (?Murugan) constantly glanced towards me while He continued to explain about Himself; describing how He is omnipresent in various countries. He showed pictures of archeological statues of Himself as evidence that He did manifest in form to fortunate souls on earth many years ago.

Then as His lecture concluded, everyone left but He and a lady (Valli?) came to me and said something. Unfortunately, I can't recall any of the details. I smiled at them and then, suddenly, He and the lady (Valli?) ran off holding hands. At a distance, my professor stopped and gave me his beautiful white divine smile, which I have seen many times before in my dreams with Lord Murugan. He and the lady then transformed themselves into a young boy and a young girl, no older than 5 years, and then disappeared!

Lord Skanda came to my heartfelt call for a Guru. I was actually planning to fast for Guru Viratham, a special day where if one fasts your Guru will come and give you his darshan. However, Lord Muruga, in his infinite compassion, showed me who my guru was without me observing this special fast.

May you guide, bless, and protect me my Lord. You are my mother (maatha), father (peetha), teacher (guru) and god (deivam)!