Darshan - SatGuru: Travelling back in time with Arunagirinthar?

By Sri Skanda's Warrior of Light

January 5, 2000

Yesterday, I dreamt that a person with a beard and a dark complexion, was at the peak of a building that was very high in elevation. He appeared to be very emaciated, as if he had not eaten properly for days. I noticed also that He wore a white loin cloth. This man was standing at the very edge and appeared that he was going to jump off the building? Slightly above the man, I noticed a Figure smiling at the devotee who was standing at the building edge. This Figure was fair in complexion, wearing a sannyasin (ochre) robe and was smiling at the devotee. The devotee had his hands together and appeared to be praying to the Figure above him. The man asked the question (I often ask Murugan), "Am I your devotee?"

The sannyasin Figure only replied with a smile. Hearing no answer, the devotee jumped off the building while repeating the name "Muruga!" on his lips. Immediately, I saw the sannyasin Figure (Murugan?) fly after the man with such speed that He prevented the devotee from hitting the ground, and thus, the sannyasin (Murugan?) saved the devotee from death by holding him just a few inches from the ground.

This was when I awoke. Who was that old man? Was it Arunagirinathar? Who was the sanyasin with that beautiful smile? Was it Murugan? I have been mentally contemplating and asking Lord Murugan (prior to this dream),"Will you show me how You saved Arunagirinathar from death? How you showered your compassion on him? I would like to see. Will you show me?" Murugan's answer to my question was given in yesterday's dream.

This experience was different compared to those I've had before of Murugan, since this time I was not involved in His leelas. I was simply watching the events going on. It was as if I was a human video camera, as strange as it may sound, watching all the events unfold.

Later in the year, during Sri Narayani Amma's visit on November 3-7, 2000 to Toronto, Canada, I asked her about this dream I had back in January. Amma confirmed that it was indeed Arunagirinathar and Murugan who appeared in my dream.

Thank you My Lord for letting me relive this rare experience, which others have only heard about.