Darshan - Satguru: Murugan and Devi are One

By Sri Skanda's Warrior of Light

September 16, 2006

Last night I had a wonderful experience. I dreamt that I was in Sri Raaja Raajeshwari Temple standing amongst a group of devotees who were gathered around Sri Chaitanyananda. He was standing beside the big statue of Devi. Their attention was focussed solely on Devi. I stood watching them all from a distance (at the entrance of the temple).

As I stood, someone told me that Sri Chaitanyananda was beckoning me to come forth. I proceeded to walk towards Sri Chaitanyananda. When I stood beside the big black beautiful murthi of Devi, Sri Chaitanyananda gave me a small silver chembu (vessel) filled with yogurt and asked me to offer it to Devi.

I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and exhaled. Whilst exhaling, the word "Murugaa!" came from my lips. I then offered the yogurt onto the head of the murthi of Devi.

After pouring all the yogurt on Sri Devi, I then began to rub the yogurt all over the murthi. As I did this, I was standing face to face with the murthi. Then I suddenly stopped because the murthi's face had changed! I looked at it and couldn't believe my eyes. I said to myself, "Wait a minute - I've seen this face before. It's not Devi."

I then took a few steps back to appreciate the true magnitude of the beautiful form that stood before me. The murthi of Raaja Raajeshwari had transformed into another murthi I recognized instantly! Instead of the yogurt-smeared murthi of Devi, in its place, was the murthi of Sri Skanda!!!

It was identical to the form on Hilda's book and in the Murugan temple that I frequently visit. In fact it was as if someone had carved a large stone image of Murugan using the picture on Hilda's book, Skanda as their guide. As if that was not enough to surprise me, the murthi did one last thing that completely took my breath away - it smiled at me. I saw the lips of the stone image curve upwards, as the beautiful smile took shape to adorn the murthi's facial demeanor. I was thrilled to see my beloved Bhagavan Sri Skanda come to life! I realized His game with me but at the same time I was shaking my head in disbelief saying,"I could have sworn that I originally saw Sri Raaja Raajeshwari before me - but now it's Skanda!" I then awoke.



Darshan - Satguru: Murugan and Devi are One (continued...)

Later in the evening, I went to the Thiruchendur Murugan temple since there was a 10-day Thiru-Villaa (festival where they worship the deity elaborately with yagnas, archanas, abishekams, and pujas).

As I stood before the yagna sthala, the beautiful Murugan vigraham from the vasantha mandapam was resting on the shoulders of four devotees. Then I noticed something. The lady who was carrying the dhupam (incense) started to dance. She was in a trance, similar to the devotees I have previously seen when I met Sri Sivabalayogi (a renowned saint from India whom God Siva initiated into tapas). It is said that such devotees are temporarily occupied by the deity who uses the devotees' body to bless the deity's chosen devotees and sometimes, give them divine messages.

At first everyone was surprised to see this lady (with eyes closed) carrying the dhupam swaying back and forth and then starting to dance as the naathasvarum people continued to play for Lord Murugan.

I continued to chant Sri Skanda's Mantra inside myself while watching the lady to see what she was going to do next. Her dancing became more pronounced and she was moving all over the temple floor with eyes closed dancing in a trance. I said to myself, I must do pathanamaskar to this lady since she has a divine aura about her. I immediately went over to the lady and touched her two feet. She blessed me by showing the abhayahara mudra. Other devotees thought I was crazy to do such an act since they also thought she was crazy. But I realized having seen people with these types of bhavas before, I knew she was divine.

After the puja ended, She spoke (still with her eyes closed) to the priest as he was handing out vibhuthi and said with her hand held out in alms [in Tamil],"Give me the vibhuthi." The priest gave her only a pinch of vibhuthi.

She replied [in Tamil],"Give me more. A lot more."

I was standing beside this special lady with my mother. After She received a handful of vibhuthi the divine lady immediately beckoned my mother to come forth. When my mother stepped near her, Sri Devi? put vibhuthi on her forehead and then sprinkled some over her entire body and then some in her mouth. My mother fell at her feet overwhelmed with joy.

When I asked why she was so overjoyous, my mother said last night she had a dream that she was at the Durga temple and was praying to the Duruga murthi. I later learned from another devotee (Sivakumaran Anna), who had known this Amma for more than 20 years, that during temple worship she gets Durga bhava — which meant that during intense moments of worship, her body is temporarily occupied by Sri Durga Devi who uses it to bless her devotees. So this is why my mother was overjoyous to the miracle taking place.

After blessing my mother, ?Sri Devi came to me. I immediately prostrated before her placing my head on her sacred feet and thought of Sri Skanda's feet. As I got up, the first thing she said was,"Kunju!" with such love and admiration that I was so overwhelmed with joy and moved to almost tears because I felt the sincerity and love in her voice. Not even my own earthly mother has called me with such love, such was the feeling if I were to describe it in words.

As a note of interest, ?Sri Devi did not speak to anyone else in the temple — not even to my mother. I was curious as to why I was the first person with whom she chose to speak with.

Sri Devi then said [in Tamil]:

"Murugan kooda un-Oda irukku-raan...Nee-ondum kavalai padaathE...Murugan ellaam pathu-kOlu-vaan...Nee adi-kadi kovilukku vaa... Murugan ellaam seivaan. Nee-ondum kavalai padaathE."

[English meaning: "Murugan is more with you...don't worry...He will take care of you...You must frequently come to this temple...and when you do, Murugan will do everything for you (take care of you)...don't worry."]

She then stepped closer to me and spoke again:

"Kunju...unda-manaitha oru chinna vethanai irukku-thu...ennakku theriyum...Nee kavalai padaathE...nee murugan appadiyE kumbitu-vaa...ellaam murugan pathu-kollu-vaan...aanaal ondum nee pandOnum...nee anga-pradakshina pandOnum...oru tharam illayE...nee moonrum-tharum anga-pradakshina pandOnum...moonrum murai seyOnum...moonrum murai seyOnum...moonrum murai seyOnum...nee-ondum kavalai padaathE...murugan ellaam pathu-kollu-vaan."

[English meaning: "Little one...in your mind is a little worry...I know about it...but don't worry...you keep praying to Murugan and He'll take all your worries away...but you must do one other thing...you must do 3x anga-pradakshina (lie flat on the ground with a coconut and do pradakshina around Murugan)...not once...but three times...don't worry...Murugan's taking care of you."]

After she spoke, she blessed me with vibhuthi on my forehead and asked me to stand with legs spread apart and hands suppine. She then sprinkled me with vibhuthi all over my body from head to body to toe. She then asked me to open my mouth and she sprinkled some more vibhuthi in my mouth and then touched my head.

As Sri Devi finished blessing a select group of fortunate devotees, She then sat down in meditation for quite a while and then awoke, as if nothing had happened. I went over to her and lovingly handed her a plate of prasadam saying [in Tamil],"inthaango amma. [please accept this]"

I was so happy to have Lord Murugan give me the experience of last night's dream with today's wonderful experience with this Amma, whom I have first met only today. Thank you so much my beloved Sri Skanda. Thank you for all your blessings that you have showered on all of us and continue to do so. I will always whole-heartedly accept them for there is nothing more we need in this life than your endless love, grace, and protection, which you freely and abundantly give to us — we love you so much and endlessly.

Thinking of your fragrant lotus feet always,

Your child.