Darshan - Satguru: I take many forms

By Sri Skanda's Warrior of Light

June 6, 2002

Last night, I was in a sacred place where a line of devotees stood to get darshan from a holy person seated on top of a stage. We were in a hall and - everyone was coming one at a time - prostrating to a holy person. When I glanced at the person, He appeared like Sri Narayani Amma. He was a young boy, approximately 15-16 years of age, and was wearing an orange-colored ochre robe — worn exactly like how Narayani Amma wears (see picture on right). He had bright white bands of vibhuthi on His forehead, His hands, and His chest. I saw a female devotee come and prostrate before Him. He blessed the devotee and then adjusted His robe, which was wrapped around His neck and when He did this, I saw a poonool (sacred thread) adorning his body. I then realized that Sri Narayani Amma does not wear a poonool. Then this must be - Sri Murugan?! When I realized this, He smiled my way and then turned back to the line of devotees who were continuing to prostrate before Him and receive His darshan. As I came to this realization of who the boy was, I awoke. I felt terrible for not recognizing Lord Skanda and not prostrating before Him. In spite of this, I am deeply humbled and thankful for His darshan, which He lovingly and generously gave without my asking. Bhagavan Skanda also came to teach me an important lesson — He can take many forms.