Bakthi - Kanthar Anubhuthi: Visit from my SatGuru

By Sri Skanda's Warrior of Light

January 17, 2001

Yesterday I had a dream. I dreamt that I was in a shopping mall with my "friend." She was walking in front of me and not paying any attention to me. She dropped a key but did not notice this. I picked the keys up and by the time I tried to give it to her, she had disappeared. I searched the entire mall for her but to no avail. Then, I decided to give up the search and go home. I hopped aboard the bus and headed home.

In the bus, I sat in the seats where only two people can sit beside each other [See figure below]. I sat at the seat marked with the green color. Hence, the seat (blue) beside me on my right was vacant.

Suddenly, I noticed giggling and I looked back and saw my "friend" seated at the back of the bus flirting with another guy. He was standing holding a gym bag flirting with my "friend." She, too, introduced herself and continued their conversation.

I turned my back on both of them and waited till my bus stop came. So I searched in my bag and realized that I had my CD player. I turned on my CD player and to my surprise the CD that was playing was Kanthar Anubhuthi. I had headphones on, so I started mentally singing along with the music. The volume was low and I was certain that no-one could hear my music.

Then the bus came to a stop and I noticed a person (male, fair skin, 14-16 years old) board the bus. He came and sat beside me [See figure above: blue seat]. I noticed him sit beside me but I then continued to sing along with the music playing in my headphones. Then something, prompted me to turn to the boy (Murugan?) beside me. I noticed that His lips were moving to the music being heard in my headphones. I wondered how He could hear this and also know the entire song by heart. I realized that there was something extraordinary about this person seated beside me. During the entire song, the boy was completely absorbed in the song. His eyes were closed and His body was swaying gently from side-to-side. After the song finished, I remember having a paper-copy printout of the song with its meaning in my bag. I turned to the boy and asked,"Would you like to know the meaning of Kanthar Anubhuthi?"

He smiled at me (with that characteristic smile I have seen before in my dreams with Murugan) and replied,"No, you keep it. I already know the meaning."

With that reply, He immediately got up and stepped off the bus. Then only did it strike me that it was Lord Murugan who came and sat beside me!!!

When I awoke, I saw a light inside myself between the centre of my forehead. It remained there for at least two to three minutes. My SatGuru visited me and gave me His darshan. He also indicated to me that He is helping me progress spiritually and that He is listening to and accepting my daily recitations of Kanthar Anubhuthi. He also showed me the truth of the "friend" of my past - who ended up cheating on me and other boys and finally settled for a caucasian American person 4 yrs after I had this dream (in 2005)! This was all revealed to me in Murugan's premonition back in 2001!


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