Bakthi - Kanthar Anubhuthi: Singing with Lord Murugan

By Sri Skanda's Warrior of Light

September 25, 2006

Last night, before I went to sleep I said a little prayer asking Lord Murugan to help me wth the problems in my life. On that note, I retired for the evening.

In my dream, I found myself standing next to a sannyasi (Bodhinatha Velayanswami) along with other people in front of a gold-vigraham of Sri Murugan. I was singing Kanthar Anubhuthi (by Saint Arunagirinathar) to my beloved Murugan.

Normally in my dreams, I would be focussed on Sri Murugan but in this dream I wasn't. Instead I was focussed on the sannyasi. He (?Murugan) was wearing an orange color ochre robe and had white streaks of vibhuthi adorning His forehead. The reason I was focussed on the sannyasi instead of the Murugan statue was because the sannyasi was the only other person (other than myself) singing Kanthar Anubhuthi! He and I were singing in unison! I remember how real the experience felt, as the sacred Tamil poems flowed with such eloquence and bliss off my tongue to take form of the beautiful work composed by Saint Arunagirinthar centuries ago. I was amazed by how the sannyasi (?Murugan) was singing with me in perfect unison the song. I realized that this was Lord Murugan in one of His many disguises.

After He and I finished, a big smile came on the sannyasi's face. He then sat down and had a plate of vibhuthi with which He intended to bless all those gathered. But as I was about to approach the sannyasi, I paused because I saw something that caught my attention. A lady (?Devi) wearing a white sari came with an enormous animal by her side and sat on the sannyasi's left. At His feet was a large life size male lion. It's mane was almost at my shoulder's height! It was breathing heavily and watching all the devotees who were standing around the sannyasi. The sannyasi smiled at me but I got scared by the lion. I then awoke.

Thank you dear Muruga for responding to my prayers of concern and worry. I know that all I need to do is recite this work and keep my faith in you and that you'll take care of whatever need that arises in my life. Thank you again for taking away my worry. I love you so much!

Thinking of your beautiful lotus feet always,

Your child.


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