Bakthi - Kanthar Anubhuthi: I stand with you

By Sri Skanda's Warrior of Light

April 10, 2001

Yesterday I had a dream with my Lord Muruga. I dreamt that I was in a big temple, which resembled the Durga Temple that my family frequently visits. I recall myself with my mother being present at the temple standing in front of a big murthi of Lord Skanda. I remember seeing a lot of people. However, the puja was being conducted on behalf of my mother and I, as we were both standing right next to the priest.

The priest then asked me to sing Pancha Puranam. I sang the hymns, however, I inserted an additional song at the end,"Kanthar Anubhuthi," as I knew Lord Muruhan really loves this song. As I started to sing, Kanthar Anubhuthi, the people including the priest began to talk. Soon the noise elevated to the point that the priest ignored the singing and continued with the puja by chanting some sanskrit mantras. I felt that everyone was deaf to the sacred work being sung for our Lord. Feeling completely insulted that they all disrespected this sacred song composed by Sri Arunagirinathar, I discontinued singing.

I was so upset that I did not even bother to stand beside the priest as he conducted the remainder of the puja. I walked away from the altar and isolated myself from the people. I felt I should not associate with such individuals who cannot even respect the sacred work (Kanthar Anubhuthi) that Lord Muruga loves. I then started singing Kanthar Anubhuthi again, while the people stood patiently listening to the priest chant some sanskrit mantras.

Suddenly, the Murugan statue came alive. It started walking down the steps of the altar and proceeded towards me. In shock, I paused my singing. No-one else saw what I saw happening, as their attention was focussed on the priest as he continued to chant. As Lord Skanda walked out of the mulasthaanam, He stood tall and firm right beside me on my left!

Lord Skanda looked so exquisite - He was wearing a crown and a shield of armour that was shining very brightly. In His right hand was Skanda's Vel. He was very handsome and every part of Him was sparkling with bright light. His complexion was very fair.

Then, He turned to me and nodded to continue singing. I continued to sing Kanthar Anubhuthi, with Lord Skanda by my side (on my left), while the rest of the people (including my mother, the priest and others) remained blind to this miracle that was taking place. I then closed my eyes and, in doing so, I awoke.

My Dear Lord! How much grace you kindly and freely give to us, yet we have done very little for you! I feel so guilty and worthless to receive your grace in copious abundance while giving nothing in return. Thank you for showing me that you will always stand with me - no matter what happens or whereever I go in life. I love you more and more each day and I pray that I make use of your gift of human birth to do divine service to your lotus feet by helping my brothers and sisters of light. And by so doing, redeem myself and attain your fragrant divine lotus feet.

Aum Saravanabava!


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