Bakthi - Kanthar Anubhuthi: Don't come in between me & my devotees

By Ranee Sinmayanandan

July 4, 2001

Yesterday, my daughter had a dream of Lord Murugan. Before I tell you about this dream, I want to tell you about something that happened the previous night. Every Tuesday, I make it a vow to go to the Brampton Durga Temple on 1808 Drew Road. I have been adhering to this vow for over four years now. I love this temple because of the vibrations I feel from the vigrahas. They talk and give signs to me and also come and bless me in my dreams. To me, the statues in this temple are real.

After pooja, I normally stand in front of the Murugan statue and sing, "Kanthar Anubhuthi" for Lord Skanda before I go home. However, this Tuesday (July 3), I was accompanied by my daughter and she wanted to go home after the pooja was over. She did not want to wait the extra 15 minutes it takes for me to finish this song. My daughter was so persistent that she interrupted me while I was in the middle of the song. She said,"Come on! You can pray at home." I apologized to Lord Skanda and mentally told Him that I will sing for Him at home.

When we went home, my daughter sat in front of the television and started watching some program. I was upset that she could not even wait 15 minutes to let me finish my prayers to Lord Muruga. In any case, I finished my prayers at home. That night when my daughter and I went to sleep and she had the following dream:

She dreamt that she was in another temple (Bayview Ganesha Temple). Standing in front of her was a huge Murugan statue. She was scared because Lord Skanda had His Vel pointed straight at her! She became very scared and woke up immediately not realizing what this dream meant. She came and told me about this dream and it all made sense.

Because she disturbed my prayer of Kanthar Anubhuthi to Lord Murugan, He came in her dream and warned her not to come in between Murugan and His devotees. Not only did Lord Skanda show how close He is to protecting His devotees, He also demonstrated how much love He has for Arunagirinathar's Kanthar Anubhuthi.


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