Bakthi - Kanthar Anubhuthi: Blessing the future generation

By Sri Skanda's Warrior of Light

January 14, 2004

Last night, I found myself inside a beautiful temple seated slightly elevated on a platform along with other adults. I was wearing a veshti and a shalvey around my body and was sitting in a cross-legged yogic position. In front of me were many little children, boys and girls wearing orange-colored kaavi uduppu (sannyasin clothing). I recall their divine faces as they so innocently glanced my way. We all then started to recite a Tamil hymn for Sri Ganesha. I am not familiar with nor do I recall what hymn everyone sang for Sri Ganesha - but I do know that it was a very short one maybe a few lines.

Then the man beside me took out a sheet and addressed the youth before him by saying [in Tamil],"We will now sing Kanthar Anubhuthi."

I was a little surprised since I don't frequently encounter people who regularly sing this song. Nevertheless, the man beside me started singing and the children, too, all sang in unison. It was so beautiful to hear.

Then someone came on my left and humbly handed me a thatu (plate) with manjal arisi or akshatas (yellow/tumeric rice). I took a handful of manjal arisi with my right hand, prayed to Sri Murugan's feet, and then started to throw the arisi (in blessing) over the heads of the little children while they all sang Kanthar Anubhuthi. I don't know why I was doing this but I took pleasure in sending out Lord Murugan's love and blessings through the akshatas. I then awoke.

I'm not sure what this dream means, but perhaps it could be a premonition of things to come. Because I always wish in my heart that Sri Murugan will one day come and tell me when, where, and how to build a temple for Him. I would use this temple to propagate Lord Murugan's teachings (including the wonderful work of Kanthar Anubuthi by Sri Arunagirinathar) and to channel His love to touch the lives of His beloved children.


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